• Gulp, today is the fist day of my junior year at, dog, eat dog world, James Wood High School. Few thing scare me but drama is one of the top ten things that scares me, I just hate the thought of people cry, yelling, but fighting I’m ok with. What? I’m a punk.
    I walked into the school trying my best not to look timed with a grin that said “What are you looking at?” I turn my head fast when I hear the load booming laugh of my boyfriend that was on vacation for the summer with his father that is paralyzed from the wastdown. I personally don’t like his father because he left when Ron (My boy friend) was a little chunky baby.
    Man I love him.
    “RON!”I shouted form down the hall. “CARLE!” he shouted at me. We both ran at light seed, and then it happened, BOOM! My stupid high heels tripped me, right there In frount of my love, my friend, my boyfriend! He leaned over me and asked in a scared tone “BABY?! ARE YOU OK?!” my face form a distance could look like a cherry tomato, redface I sprang up with a quickness, “Hahaha, um ya, I’m all good. Hahaha. sweatdrop sweatdrop ” I said in a very nerves voice. Then he said “Man I missed you.” Then I was so happy to finally have one of his famous Grizzly bear hugs I wanted so badly all summer. heart heart
    We hugged until the bell rang.
    I was so upset when that bell range I had to go to my first witch is, Math, yay. crying  I hate my math teacher Mr. Fox, he is SO boring! I guest doodled a heart as he rambled on about why we can’t chew gum in class for the whole class period. “How much longer?” I asked my best friend Sophie Redrock, she is Goth unlike me and Ron. It’s cool!
    Here is my school schedule,

    ~ 7:15-8:15 Math
    ~ 8:18-9:18 music
    ~ 9:20-10:22 science
    ~ 10:24-11:25 ELA
    ~11:27-12:27 Gym
    ~ 12:29-1:30 Health
    ~ 1:32-2:33 Study Hall