• I don't know but it is something about bubbles that make me happy. I know that sounds a little funny but it has a meaning, a moral, a life story.

    The moral of the story or whatever you want to call it is. Don't forget where you come from and what you have done because it makes you who you are. It is not that the past makes you who you are but the fact that you make you who you are. When you were a child you lived a care free but now people get so stressed about life, money, work, school, etc.

    It is just that you forget what makes you, you... You forget about the things that make you happy. You forget about everything. It is just that you shouldn't do that...

    I went outside and played with my bubbles. It made me so happy. The reason I am saying this is because it reminded me of myself. It reminded me of my childhood and my old home. I remember all the good times that I had when I was a kid and some of the bad.

    I just wish that everyone could have one of these moments a day. I think it would make life so much easier for everyone.

    Thank you