• Delicate hands grasped for his neck.
    She hadn’t meant for it to go so far. Mimori had looked so tired. Kyoko just wanted to give her a break. They had been playing around the clearing in the forest without a care in the world. Kyoko had been called aside and didn’t have the heart to wake Mimori up. How was she to know that someone would stumble upon Mimori? Or that they would talk? That they would continue to meet? That they would eventually fall in love?
    Tears swelled in her eyes as she squeezed his neck.
    She had heard Natsu’s threat to Mimori. “If you don’t want to die, then I suggest you leave him. You’re nothing like us, so how do you expect to understand him. The truth of the matter is that we live in two different worlds - worlds that should never meet.”
    Natsu was an infamous devil, and her claim on that demon was well known in their world. From what Kyoko was able to gather, Natsu would definitely live up to her threat.
    The tears fell onto his face, so full of shock that he was unable to fight back.
    Kyoko argued with Mimori. She tried to convince Mimori to leave him. She talked about Natsu’s reputation. Until finally, she revealed her biggest fear, “I don’t want you to die! Your life means more to me than my own! Can’t you live for me instead of him?” Kyoko was down on her knees, crying into Mimori’s chest.
    Mimori placed her hand on Kyoko‘s cheek, turning her face upward. “I’m sorry Kyoko-chan,” Mimori apologized while caressing her cheek, “but I love him too much to leave him. I would die only for him.” And with that, she slipped away, heading out to meet her love.
    So now, here she was, confronting the demon that had stolen her best friend’s heart. Kyoko knew what would happen when he was dead. She knew that Mimori would hate her; that Natsu would come after her; that her hands would forever be stained with his blood. Yet, she didn’t care. It was all for Mimori-chan.
    So, she pushed him off the ledge and watched him fall to his death. That was the end of Sho, Mimori’s beloved demon. And the beginning of Kyoko, the angel who lost her wings and soul to jealousy.