• i walk down the hall at school , my heart beats faster and faster .
    i look up and i see my crush and he look back at me . I wasent paying attetion and i accidentaly ran into him ,i said i was sorry and helped him up and i ran away like a coward . How am i ever supposed to face him now he is in all my classes and i always see him in the hall... ugh this can get any worse.. oh wait it can he is comming toward me with a be smile on face like he happy to see me .. uh oh ... he has my cell . *hey* he said , *h-h-hhi* i said , *you forgot your phone* *t--tthank y-you* *are you ok , feels forehead* *faints*
    i like passed out and when i woke up i was in the nurses office and he was sitting right beside me . *oh so you finally woke up* *y-yyea sorry you didnt have to wait for me* *its fine i wanted to wait for you* *blushes* *laughs dont faint on me again* *heh.. i wont* * why did you wait for me?* *oh yea i needed to ask you somethin* *y-yyea* *i looked inside you phone to make sure it was yours and my name was written all over with hearts* *do you like me ?* * blushes uhh..* *maybe* * i want a yes or no not a maybe* * ok fine .. yes i do like you* * ok then because kinda like you too* *kisses on cheek * *see ya tommarow* *blushes bright red* i went home that day so happy i could barely stand it looks like i had my happy ending heart heart heart