• Kal stood there in the midst of the jungle wondering where the mysterious girl Maya had ran off to and the feelings she gave his primal urges. As he thought he walked along a path and continued until he was outside the trees of the jungle was out in the thick high fields the sun shining brightly with its baleful stare boaring down on his already dark skin. As he walked through the fields little did he know he was being watched by dangerous eyes.
    Hmmm…I feel something, Kal said to himself.
    Then the beast pounced out of the long grass pouncing on Kal with startling speed as he grabbed the lion by its neck to keep it from digging its fangs in his neck.
    GET OFF ME P*SSYCAT!!!Kal roared as he flung the lion off him sending it crashing into a tree.
    Kal then stood immediately and got in a low stance with his hands tensed up bracing himself for the lion charging on him.
    BRING IT!!!!!Kal cried as he rolled on the ground with the lion while at the same time taking blow after blow from the lions claws.
    You furry b*stard, Kal thought to himself as he roared in anger and flung the lion once again at the same tree this time leaving a big dent in it.
    In his primal urges he grabbed a big rock and jumped on the lion and began to mercilessly beat the lion down with it blow after blow.
    You wanna try and take me as your prey!! Take me now!!!Kal cried as he grabbed both sides of the lions mouth and pulled them apart preparing to split its jaw in two directions.
    He was getting ready to do it when he looked to the side coincidentally and saw three little lion cubs staring at the sight of their lion father about to be slaughtered.
    His cubs..he was only trying to find prey for his cubs, I'll let it live, Kal decided as he got off the lion.
    As soon as he got off the lion the cubs ran over to their still alive and wounded father and began to lick its face in sorrow.

    Just as Kal was gonna walk away two blowdarts went into the lions neck ending its life.
    Nooo!! Kal cried as he reacted too late.
    When he looked to the left he saw three black males all dressed in tribal attire with white tattoos all on their arms named Musai, Kutai, and Merchak.
    What have you done!! Do you not see the lions cubs mourning it!! Kal berated.
    Yeah n*gga we see them and we don't give a f*ck, Musai calmly said with a smirk on his face.
    Filthy b*stards, Kal says.
    Come say that to our faces!! Kutai the biggest and tallest of them dared.
    Without warning Kal ran at Kutai and charged him into the ground with Musai and Merchak jumping in ganging up on him. As soon as Kal got some space he shot in on Merchaks legs and lifted him up in the air slammed him on the hard ground at fearsome ferocity knocking the wind out of him.
    Get your @ss up!!! Kutai scolded his friend.
    Kal then ran in the other direction toward a tree with Kutai and Musai giving chase and they stopped in their tracks almost when Kal hopped up the tree and backflipped out of the tree to the back of it.
    Get his a**!!! Kutai yelled as they both ran around the tree and saw absolutely nothing.
    Huh where'd he go? Musai wondered looking around on the ground.
    That stupid muthaf*cka! Kutai said.
    Musai then tredded off slightly in the fields to look for him when Kal silently with the stealth of a spider came down behind Kutai and wrapped his arms around his neck and choked him asleep leaving him slumped on the ground.
    Hey turn yo @ss around!!! Kal cried as Mursai turned around.
    As he did Kal was running at him with sprinter speed as he decked him one good time knocking him unconscious on the ground.
    You better be glad I'm letting you muthaf*ckas live, Kal said looking down at his fallen foe.

    Those poor cubs, Kal thought to himself as he looked at the cubs mourning their fallen father as he silently walked away from that area and tredded off into another lush forest. As he continued further and further into it he saw a bunch of tall grass and decided to push that out of the way to look and see what was beyond. He saw a spring warm,calm and soothing it appeared as he looked deeper he noticed a woman with her back turned to him along with three other women all completely naked appearing to be washing themselves in the springs.
    Damn they got some phat asses I wonder who they could be? Kal wondered to himself as he stared in primitive focusness.
    As the middle one turned around he saw it was Maya.
    Oh sh*t, Kal thought to himself as he quickly hid his face behind the tall grass.
    She let out a light chuckle.
    Its ok you can come out on now theres no need to be shy, Maya said turning all the way around
    The other girls turned around as well when Kal slowly but steadily made his way out of the tall grass and into view walking closer to them.
    Hi Kal, Maya greeted with a flirtingly girly giggle and a wave of her hand.
    Whats up Maya, Kal smiled.
    Oh just tryin to wash myself off in the spring and here you come tryin to stare at a girls @ss, Maya joked as she patted her own @ss.
    Kal was losing focus as he was trying to focus on talking instead of looking at these four naked bodies standing before him as the other three girls casually went about their business of washing themselves.
    Oh..uhh..nah I was just passin through and couldn't help but notice umm, Kal began.
    Notice what? Maya flirted as he began to wiggle her finger along Kals chest.
    Kal smiled nervously.
    Let me go dry off I'll be back in a couple minutes, Maya informed as she turned the other way.
    Oh and bring me something to eat please, she giggled.
    Sure I gotcha, Kal smiled as he walked back into the tall grass looking for an animal using his senses carefully.
    Come here!!Kal cried as he spotted an impala.
    The poor thing didn't have a chance as he swiftly broke its neck and simply slung it over his shoulder.
    Hmmm maybe, Kal thought to himself.
    He then spotted some banannas on hanging from a tree. Kal simply whack the tree with a kick to make two banannas fall into his hands as he quickly made his way back to where Maya was.

    Over here Kal! Maya called.
    He then saw here sitting atop a log dressed in amazon attire.
    What took ya so long? Maya asked with a grin.
    Sorry about that…..I brought ya something, Kal informed as he held out a dead impala and some banannas.
    Ohhh that looks delicious, Maya excitedly said.
    Thanks ohh let me split it, Kal advised.
    He then used his hands to split apart the impala and gave her half of it and a bananna.
    Thanks Kal, Maya thanked as she took the food from him.
    She didn't play when she said she wanted something to eat she tore that impala apart like an animal and Kal sat there amazed as he ate his part.
    One of these days we're gonna have a rematch, Maya declared.
    Rematch? Kal said puzzled.
    From last time, n*gga I almost had you! Maya said.
    Surrrrrre ya did, Kal chuckled.
    Kal then peeled his bananna to take a bite off of it when Maya asked.
    Mind if I take a bite, Maya asked.
    Uhhh sure I don't mind, Kal answered as she bit a piece of his bananna.
    Now you take a bite Kal, Maya said.
    Kal then willingly took a bite off it as well.
    Lets walk Kal, Maya adviced as she jogged off.
    Wait up!! Kal called as he paced after her.