• Chapter 1:The Beginning

    A long time ago,in the dark ages of time,six clans ruled the land.
    Fireclan,Windclan,Iceclan,Shadowclan,Thunderclan,and Earthclan.These mighty
    clans had the power to destroy mankind and rule the universe,but when man
    had arrived on Earth,they took over and destroyed all existance of the clans.
    Ages passed and the clans returned ,to take back what was one theres

    Chapter 2:Iceclan

    I was born in a clan named Iceclan.A clan of pain,hunger,and sorrow.It was winter,the year of everlasting snow.There were hardly any prey in this time of year,making it difficult for us."Whitefang!Stop fooling around and find some prey!""Yes Iceclaw."I ran down into the River of Life,a small river with lots of fish,and brought back two fish for the pile of fresh kill.I got myself a
    fish and went to talk with my dad."Dad,can I go out into the open?""NO!Theres
    nothing out in the open,stay here!"My dad,Whitewolf,never liked me the day I was born,he said I would just be trouble.My dad even lies to me all the time.
    Nothing ever happens in my clan,except for meetings about what to do every
    summer and winter.I just wish something exciting would happen,something that would change my life,forever.

    Chapter 3:The Other Clan

    "Hey Whitefang,I'll fight you!Whoever says uncle loses!""Your on!"We wrestled all the way to the finish when we stumbled across The Bridge
    to Nowhere.All of a sudden,we fell into the River of Life and were swept away
    by the currents,screaming,but no one could hear."Uh,were are we?"We were on the side of the river,cold and wet."Lets find our way home Whitefang,I dont
    wanna stay here forever.""Sure thing Warheart."We were walking when a giant red gleam of light in the sky shone like the sun.We followed it,and on the other side,lava and rocks on the ground,and dragons all around.It was......
    another clan.