• Chapter 2

    I suddenly sat up in was sun set and I had heard someone laugh under they breath. Again, where is it coming from? I turned around.
    “Why are you the only one alone care if I join you?” the figure in the shadows asked
    “Who are you and why are you here?”
    “Who am I, well I guess you can call me what you want but it’s not why I am here. It’s why are you here this is my territory so why are you here?”
    You left no signs of it.” I asked a little tense. It was quit obvious that he was a vampire.
    “No signs ha, why should I needed signs you are the first to come here in over a 100 years” he answered.” But again why are you here?”
    “We are running from another clan, one that is larger then us. We needed a safe place to rest” I answered. “But you said no one has come here in 100 years how have you lived here for so long” I asked to distract him as a tried to search his mind.
    “I think you have more questions then that especially since you are trying to read my mind and you can’t find anything. No ability that a vampire possesses can affect me. As for how I lived here for so long is because I’m like you only feeding on animals.”
    “How do you know we only feed on animals haven’t you noticed you smell different them normal vampires. You smell dull not as sharp as the others.”
    “What? How do you know this?”
    “It’s easy to tell. Wait do you smell that” he asked
    “Smell what?” I asked
    “I think your friends are here. Fallow me quietly now” and he left I quickly and quietly followed him. As we moved through the shadows I tried again to search his mind still nothing it was like trying to pierce a melt was with a tooth pick there was nothing but a shell over his mind.
    As she and the boy entered the main part of the building where the others were she could suddenly smell it. The smell of their kind is hard, cold and felt like metal in your nose. Our scent so strong, but still humans only smell what is most appealing to them. She found that thought almost depressing she couldn’t think of anything that smell better, made you fell more alive.
    But the smell was so strong it could not have been only from only Jason’s pack it was far too strong! But that when she noticed there were more then just her pack the strange man and herself. There had to be more then twenty others there like statues, standing still watching her. Before Yula even had time to comprehend the numbers the strange man whistled. Quickly for a human but dreadfully slow for our kin a boy ran up. Wearing plan jeans and a black T-shirt he came up to us fell to one knee and said.
    “What do you wish Eric?”
    “Please stand you need not kneel” the boy stood glancing at me but said nothing and quickly gave attention back to Eric.” Report, where has Jason and his pack gone.” Complete shock spread my face. How does he know Jason’s name?
    “They fled sir they caught our scent and fled.”
    “Good now go and get Alec, Jane and Felix.”
    “Yes sir.” He replied and left.
    “What is a human doing with you?” I blurted out.
    “All will be explained in time now wait.” He responded with a commanding tone but without anger.

    “What so your saying that my soul is already gone?” yelled Yula. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. “How can my soul be gone I’m still here, I’m still alive.”
    “I never said you were dead. Just you are not how you were when you were human.” Responded Eric
    “Then explain yourself what do you mean!”
    “I’ve already explain so listen! Before your birth you soul was chosen by them”
    “Who are then?” Asked Yula
    “Do I need to explain everything again?” asked Eric.
    “Ok have you ever heard of Lucifer?” Asked Eric
    “Isn’t he the devil?”
    “Yes Lucifer is the devil. When Lucifer and the angles the followed him rebelled against God. They were banished to hell and were never allowed into Heaven again. But then found out that they could still go to Earth. After thousands of years the Fallen as we called them started to fall in love with the angles above they dreadfully wished to go back to Heaven their paradise but they could not.
    But one night an angle by the name of Lilith left Heaven and came to Earth. Lucifer had been wooing her for many years and at last won her over.”
    “Lucifer and Lilith had a child but because of Lucifer being banished and Lilith still being a angle the baby was neither it was nothing but still there heartless mindless with out power and without life. But it had one instinct it would latch onto the soul of a new born baby. It will not change anything about the baby nor will it hurt it in any way. And when the soul of the baby returns to Heaven or hell the child would find another soul.”
    “For five hundred years the cycle went on until one day a fallen by the name of Enwall found the person carrying the child in his soul. Believing that if he killed the child God would be pleased and allow him to enter Heaven again. He drew his sword and killed the man in hopes of killing the child. He failed and the first vampire was created Dracula.” Eric said.” This is true but what I am about to tell you is only legend.”
    “Dracula was the first and therefore far stronger the any of us he killed Enwall and drank his blood giving him self the immortal life the Enwall possessed. Dracula then set out in search of his father Lucifer. After only two weeks Lucifer showed him self to Dracula and a fight broke out and when Dracula was about to lay the final blow and finish of Lucifer Lilith stepped in hopes to save her beloved when Dracula turn to attack Lilith, and in the hesitation of Dracula Lucifer grabbed his sword and thruster it through Dracula’s chest.”
    “Dracula died that day and Lucifer could never figure out why he was able to kill him. He had stabbed him many times in the chest during the battle and they all heal vary quickly. Be when he return the site of the battle were he left his sword he found something on his blade he had not noticed before. A poison was on the blade it gave off a vary icy smell and could only think that it must of come from Dracula. And he believed that somehow the poison had killed Dracula somehow the poison came from Dracula and also killed him. Lucifer named the poison vamp-ray and from that day on all the Fallen carried blade covered in this poison. At first they carried the blades so that they could kill any more vampires. Using there blades to kill the humans that carried the children in their souls. But vary quickly they learned that the poison created the vampires and killed them to but over time vampire evolved and became immune to the poison. And soon the Fallen started to only create vampires.”
    “Once Lucifer discovered that vampires had evolved he order his Fallen to stop killing the humans. And so the Fallen retreated and the only way that vampires can be created now is if a vampire bites a human carrying a child.”
    “How do you know this?” asked Yula
    “Because I’m an elder” An elder! There’s no way every elder is over three Millennia old.
    “You can’t be and elder!” Yula said before she could stop her self
    “Can’t I or do I need you permission to be one?” He accused.
    “No I suppose you don’t need my permission but really and elder how?”
    “How is my own concern and not yours but I am one none the less.” He said this as he reached into his shirt and pulled out a medallion. “This is a medallion of elders.” Is it really I’ve never seen one before but I have heard many story’s of them gold with scarlet metal carved into shapes according to the elders preference. No one new what the red metal is made from but it is on ever elder medallion.

    As I told you before sleep is a luxury that few of us will give up. Mainly because that with sleep we can function better our minds work faster and reflexes stay the same. If we go without sleep long enough our mind and reflexes can become the same as humans but sleep is unneeded. Because no matter how long we go with out sleep our strength will never dwindle.
    For me sleep is the only escape for me in my sleep I can see Zailens and believe that I’m interacting with him and no matter how much pain it may cause me when I awake I always find the night I spend with him worth it. Except last night, last night in my dreams I only saw pain. Zailens was being tortured again. This time who ever was doing these thing to him was poring molten lead all over his body, and his screams were far to much for me to bare. But no matter how hard I tried I could not look away and when they had finished. And were carrying him back to his cell, if that is what you call it. He was covered in so many burns that I just couldn’t take it. I ripped my mind away from the seen in front of me and forced myself to awake.
    When I did wake up I was crying as usual but I was trembling as well curled up into a ball shaking it took me awhile to remember what had happened in my dream. And when I did there was nothing to stop it from flowing through my mind again. Zailens screaming in agony as the lead burned his skin. How limp he was when they just throw him in the cell.
    When I had enough resolve to get up and move I noticed that. I was not alone Eric was sitting there of course not three feet away. The way he looked at me was strangely familiar. He looked worried and scared at the same time.
    “Why are you here?” I asked he did answer my question but instead said.
    “You were crying in your sleep again.” I felt my face go red and childishly I turned my face away from him.
    “Why do you care? It’s not like you have to be here.” It was rude to say and I knew it but he really didn’t need to be here.
    “I don’t know why I care, and I’m here because I can be” so much for me being rude this guy was like the king of it but I couldn’t seem get mad at him maybe it was because he didn’t seem serious with his second answer, or could it be the way he looked at me. It was plain a day the he cared for me deeply it was a bit unsettling.
    At that I got up and turned my back on him. And asked
    “So if you can be here. How long have you been here?”
    “Does that even matter? Is there a visiting hour for you broken heart?” he looked at me seriously then as if to check and see if he had gone too far.
    “And what do you mean by that Eric?”
    “Merely that is you heart so broken from Zailens that there is no room for anyone to enter it again?” he smiled at this as if he had made a joke at this.
    “There is room for other people but no one new I have my family and I need nothing else. No need to be attached to anyone else all that would cause is more pain you let someone in and all you will get is pain.”
    “and would Zailens agree with you?” he asked” would he believe that just because he hurt you that you should never get to know anyone ever again?”
    “Whether Zailens agrees with me or not it no longer matters he left my live a long time ago. I care not for him any more.” I answered quietly not looking back at him.
    “And yet you morn for him every day, and every night he is not with you. How can you not care for him any more is he affects your live so much?” he countered.
    “I do miss him it just he helped keep this family of mine together. He always knew what to do and where to go.” It was a lie and not a very good one and I could see he was not fooled. He just looked at me vary carefully as if thinking how to approach a topic correctly.
    “You said before that you are an elder. And yet you look not older then twenty one how is that?”
    “Time, and age have no hold on us you should n0w that you look no older the 18 and yet you are coming to a century in age.”
    “I’m 17 actually.” I corrected him.
    “Even more evidence to prove my point.’ He countered
    “What really are the elders?” I asked. Sitting down looking at him
    “Do you know nothing about us?” he asked leaning against the wall.
    “I only know that all elders were picked by our very father of our entire face Dracula. And that was three thousand years ago.”
    “Well you are correct on that. But what more do you want to know?” he asked.
    “Just how many elders are there really and why did Dracula pick all of you?”