• Chapter 3
    "Hey, idiot wake up. It's four o'clock, don't you have to go to cram school. I already let you miss regular school so get the heck up."
    I rubbed my eyes and saw my mom looking at me. I looked at the clock and yelled.
    "Ahh, why didn't you wake me up. I was supposed to go to the mall with Britney. Mom you idiot." I got up and changed into a pair of black jeans and a blue shirt that said "I'm with stupid."
    My mom went downstairs and I called Britney on my cell phone.
    "Hi Annie, are we still going to the mall at 4:30." she said
    "Oh, okay, yeah, where are you now Brit?" I said getting some flip flops on.
    "I'm on the bus that takes us to the mall." she said.
    "Okay see you later Brit."I hung up the phone and went downstairs. I saw my mom talking to Kole, so I tried to sneak out the door. It didn't work the way I planned though. Kole come up to me and grabbed my arm.
    "Annie take Kole to the mall with you." she said smiling.
    "But he's sick. How am I supposed to take a sick person to the mall?" I said starting to go out the door. Neither of them said anything nor did they move. I went out the door and took Kole to the bus stop.
    He looked happy to know he'll meet my best friend. We waited for the bus for about 10 minutes. It took 5 minutes to get to the mall and I saw Britney standing by the bookstore. She ran up to me and we hugged.
    "Oh Annie I missed you today."she said
    "Me too Brit, Sorry I didn't come to school today I was to tired." I said.
    We stopped hugging and she looked at Kole.
    She whispered, "Who is that Annie?"
    I didn't answer and I started to walk. They both caught up to me and grabbed my arm. Kole on the left and Britney on the right. They glared at each other and I said, "Hey stop it. I don't need a fight at the mall like last week." I looked at Britney and she looked away.
    Britney is short compared to most girls in high school. She has red hair and a slim figure. But she is short and has white eyes. She is 4'8. If you were to look at her you would think "Oh a 7th grader." But really Britney is a junior. A year older then me.
    I am tall I guess. I'm 5'3 and have green eyes. I have Blue navy hair and I'm skinny. Kole is Tall. He is 5'6 and is skinny. He has Blue eyes and jet black hair.
    We walked around the mall for about three hours and didn't buy anything.
    "All that walking and we didn't even buy stuff. How can you two do that." Kole said catching his breath.
    "It's called window shopping dumb dumb." I said leaving the store. Kole caught up to me and glared at Britney. I said goodbye to Britney and me and Kole got on the bus.
    "I don't like your friend." Kole said shooting me a look.
    "Why cause she's lesbian" I said bluntly.
    "What! She's lesbian. I didn't even realize it. She's to cute to be lesbian." He yelled getting off the bus.
    I got off and said, "No duh stupid. I noticed it right away when I met her. I have that kind of ability."
    He mumbled under his breath and went to his room when we got to my house. I went to my room and fell instantly asleep.