• Entree #4 Winter ice

    The orb transformed into a young boy with white hair and a fur jacket he has an eye patch on his right eye made of ice. "I am the ice lord, My name is Alen Freebird and I am 11 years old. I died 50 years ago by drowning in this bay." and then pointed out of the window to a icy bay " I managed to keep the soul collectors away by manipulateing ice. I controll ice by a special power received to me from one collector because that soul collector told me to keep this town safe from destruction. And as long as I did my part they would let me stay here longer." He said "But this town fell into chaos 10 years ago from the east when Queen Sophie the 2nd was at rule and still is, sadly I couldn't stop her." He cried. Then I told him " If you are seeking revenge against my mother, you are welcome to join me. I am Sophie the 3rd and I am on a journey to kill my mother. " I stood up and help my hand up to reassure Freebird I WE WILL kill my mother. Allen took my hand and stood up. We traveled the countryside together working on our power and skill. Winter turned into spring, spring turned into summer, and summer turned into fall. Now it was winter again and I had JUST grasped the power of wind and I had fallen into love with Alen, and he felt the same for me. Two years later a messanger from the soul collectors, carrying an extra set of wings, had recently put then on my back saying heaven was ready to accept me. I said thanks, but that offer would have to wait... I have a mission I must complete with Alen. Then the messanger flew off.

    We found an ice patch where Alen and I slept. The next day we were afloat on the bay we had been roaming arround and training by. An eery mist came over along with a weird childhood music box slowed down to a sad tune. And just like a projector MY memories were shown to both of us. I tried to look away but we were surrounded by memories. I missed those loving days so much I started to cry. Alen comforted me. Then the music ended when we hit shore, so did the memories. We came up to a 60 story hotel and immediately went into Room 21 dash 47. Tired we went to sleep.