• Adelaine was a small girl Born on Oct. 17
    Her mother died on giving birth to her.
    She was very close to her father or she's called the "daddy's girl "

    At the age of five her father died because of an accident.
    An accident she didin't expect to come.
    As a result of the accident she had lost her joys and smiles together with her father.

    Then she met a little girl same as her age.

    Her name was Lulu. Adelaine and Lulu become BFF
    and always played together.

    Since then, the smile on Adelaine's face has been sen again.

    On the age of 12 , Lulu has moved to a new home and had left Adelaine alone.

    7 years later Lulu had come back and saw Adelaine.

    They promised each other that they would never leave each other again.

    Lulu has a plan to make her friend happier.

    She introduce her friend , Steven

    Adelaine and Steven had been Married and had one child named Maggie.

    While Adelaine was cooking, she left Maggie playing outside.

    Maggie's ball is lost so she is looking for it.

    then she saw it on the other side of the road .

    she was about to get but maggie was hitted by a rushing car.

    While seeing her lifeless daughter she cried, never expeced this would happen.

    Then her Huband Steven has run off with another girl .

    Adelaine was beegging for Steven not to leave but it was to late

    Adelaine was all alone.

    Then she go to Lulu's house and she has seen Lulu's lifeless body on her bed.

    Lulu was killed.

    Poor Adelaine...
    with no one to cry on....
    then she decided to go home

    While she was crying she saw a knife....
    She had decided to kill her self...

    By: Katherine a.k.a ll Sexy Gangstah ll