• I was 11 when i died, it was all planned. I was walking down the street at night after coming home from my friends. Sally here name was, my best friend. We had been friends since we were little. She was the same age. I meat here in the playhouse, on our first day of playschool, she was crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didnt have any friends. I offered to be her friend.

    Sally was very pretty, all the boys wanted her, but she always said no. She said no beacause she wasnted to spend time with me. How kind was that?.
    Well as i was saying, i was coming home from Sallys. Then I heard a bang, i looked behind me to see my next door neighbor.

    He was 16 and named Jackson, always on his computer. Hated me.
    I look behind to see he was holding a gun.
    "Get in the car now !" he ordered pnting to a car. I did as i was told and got in. A man was driving.
    " To the lake" shouted Jackson. I felt a lump in my throat.
    " But what have i done" i said.
    " Just for being you" he laughed.

    We pulled up beside the lake. Beads of swaet gathered on my forehead. They pulled me out the car. Jackson roughly bound hands behind me. I screamed and The man pointed a gun at me. He the pulled me to the floor and tied my feat. They pulled me up and pushed me in the lake.

    It was freezing cold. I slowly went under, first my mouth then my nose and eyes, I was dead soon. My life flashed before me, my mum and dad, Sally and my dog Robix. Then darkness. I was dead and their was nothing anyone could do about it.

    11 i was when i died, i had a life ahead of me. Jackson took that all away. I really do feel for him, must have been very sick to do somthing like that to a little girl. Knowing that he killed somone, keeping that guilt forever. Even if he doesnt go to jail, he wil die an old man knowing he had killed a deafenceless little girl. Sick man.

    As a ghost a saw his smug face, laughing i think. Then i went to my house, mum and dad had phoned the police. They came round and told them, aparently the man driving had told them. Mum and Dad started crying, bless their hearts. They had just lost their daughter. Mum held her hands to her head and Dad wraped his arm round her.

    Its been 3 years now, im 14 now. Jackson is now in jail, life sentence. Just been im 14th birthday. Mum is still crying, Dads looking after her. Sally has got new friends now, a boyfriend. Still crys for me though, hasnt forgot. Robix my dog had to be put down, getting to old bless him. Police havent found my body yet, not sure if they ever will.

    11 years old when i died, but i shall still live on.