• "Father? Father I need help! I am in a bad dream and I can't wake up! FATHER!" Juno mumbled tossing around on his bed. He broke into a light sweet. His gray hair stuck to his ash blue skin. "Help!" He tried to scream but his pillow muffled his cry. Just then a cold hand was placed on his cheak. He woke up but nearly fell out of the bed doing so.

    "Easy son. It's ok. I'm here." A tall figure chimed gently hugging juno.

    "Father... It was the dream. It came back" Juno managed to say between gasps. The figure stiffened hearing about the dream.

    "This might be worse then I though." The figure gently picked juno up easily. Juno pressed himself onto the soft clothing of his father's shirt. He drifted to a light sleep but he could still hear the faint sounds of his partnets arguing on what they should do. It was quiet for a long time but he paid no attention to it. Soon he was in deep sleep on a cement flooring. The flow of electric spikes flowed threw him as he slept. He didn't know what was going only that his dream was coming back. All the memories that where once amiss to him. As juno woke the discovered that his home was distroyed. The funiture was scattered and torn outside and the house was gone.

    "What happened! My home! Mom, Dad! Where are you?" Juno called out looking desperatly for his parents. But the only thing he could find was his fathers warrior armor. Silently crying to himself over his fathers armor he swore to himself. "I will find who did this to you father. I will avenge you both." He sat there quietly as the sun set over the hills. If there is someone out there. I need your help. He though as he layed down on the soft grass.

    The next morning juno grabbed food and walked of slowly. Only looking back once before leaving the place he had grew up in. "From here on out I will be Unon The avenger." He said thinking his father would hear him.

    Later in the day:

    Unon stopped for a quick break after walking for hours. He heard a snap sound from behind him then a low growl. He stifly trunned his head to see glowing red eyes. He staired at the red eyes for a long while. Shadows danced all around him as he tryed to figure out the shape of the creature. Intoxicated by the red eyes he reached out but was bitten by four vived teeth. Gasping at the pain in his wrist Unon tried pulling away.

    "Let go!" He yelled out hitting the creature with one of his daggers. Then, as he was on the break of fainting warm liquid filled his veins but soon it turned cold like ice. His skin was no longer ash blue. It was a pale gray. His heart raised as he struggled to breath. It seamed like the biggining of the end to him. He fell to his neas then struggled to stay awake. Breathing faster and faster. His heart soon his heart gave in and stopped beating. No... I can't... I.. I have to... stay... awake. He though as his eyes blurred.

    Hour after hour unon lay there not moving an inch. His eyes turning red to gray. He got up when the moon light stuck his face. He no longer knew where he was or where he come from. He no longer knew anything about him besides his name. If he was to continue his jurney he would have to fine out who he was. If this new life doesn't get in the way.

    "To think. I got bitten by that thing. I will not be fooled again." He mumbled to himself laying under a big spurce tree. He patted his fathers armor then got up walking casuly away to a small city. He was thirsty for some reason. But thirsty for what? Juice? Wine? He tasted iron on his lips. Blood. A warm red liquid is what he craved. Blood from a young lady.

    "Look. Is he one of them? One of the people that has taken many lives?" Unon heard some of the little kids whisper.

    "Pale. Gray eyes. Teeth shaper then a knife blade. He must be one of them." He heard anouther kid whisper.

    "I can hear you three you know." Unon said with a smile.

    "Eep!" The three squieled. Unon chuckled and relised that they where very poor. He checked his backpack but he only had some meet and bread. I wont be needing this. He though and handed the little food he had to the kids. Smiling at them eating happily he walked off.

    " I am so late." A young women no older then 20 sighed. "Where am I? ugh! Why am I the only one that gets lost at night!" Unon looked at her for a little. Stairing at her perfict figure and at her glosy smooth black hair. She seemed fimiliar to him but he didn't have a clue who she was. Then his eyes switched to her two gient sword on her back. The swords looked just like his. But how could she have the same swords. Then straped to her black boots where three letters. D.E.O. What did that mean? Then he saw the same simbles on her short black dress. Who ever she was. She didn't look friendly.

    "Um. Mr. Why are you looking at lady neko?" One of the little kids said.

    "Lady neko?" Unon was confused.

    "Ya. Lady Neko is Sir Quest's wife. They are assassins. You don't want to mess with her when she is in a bad mood."

    "But she is really nice too. But what is really funny is that she can loose her way easily." Another smaller child giggled.

    "A deadly assassin that is to nice to stay mad at someone." The youngest of the three said. Unon looked at neko a little more then started walking without him telling his legs to.