• The wind felt good, streaming past my back as i fell off the cliff. i could see the other young dragons looking terrifingly past me to the black abyss below me as i streamed past them.
    i recognised one of them in the corner of my eye as my friend Kayla, her soft blue body flying past me. her colour molded into the rest of the dragons until i couldn't tell who was who.
    i concentrated on the ground quickly coming up fast in front of me and i had a split second, not even a heartbeat, to pull up and not get splattered on the ground.
    at the last minute i pulled hard and opened my wings so that i sailed up away from the rushing ground and into the blue sky. i beathed a sigh of relief as i slowly circled back and stared into the dark blue eyes of Kayla.
    i landed softly on the edge of the cliff and said to the little dragons cowering in fear, "see, how hard was that." i turned and walked away with Kayla trying, in vain, to keep up with my stride.
    "what were you thinking? I was so scared you weren't going to pull up from that dive." i looked down at her, she had always been small for her age but her dark blue eyes had a sense of age in them. she always was to smart for her own good.
    "so what if i hadnt pulled up? its not like anyone would have cared."i stopped and look back the way we had came. the dragons had slowly gotten their confidence and started to slowly jump off the cliff and most of them got the hang of it striaght away but there were still a few that needed help.
    it was true though, no one would care if i died. most of the elders would be glad. another bad dragon, another troublemaker, gone and out of thier wings.