• You all know the story of Naruto Uzumaki, and the horrible power inside him, called the Kyuubi, or the 9-Tailed Fox. To the whole land, this was one of the deadliest and dangerous of all the Chakra Demons. But, there has long been a hidden demon, whose power was that ten times that of all the Demons, even the Kyuubi. The awesome power of the Ryoku. The Ten-Tailed White Tiger. Eventually, out of fear, the people of the land sealed that power into a child. This all happened fourteen years ago. Now, this child, who is now a teenager, has grown up all alone, living anywhere he could, but no matter where he went, his dark secret would be revealed. Now, he has come upon the village called Konoha. Here, it is rumored that another, who also has a dark power sealed within him, referred to as the Fox Demon, lives there. This boy has come to Konoha to talk with this other boy. His name... Naruto Uzumaki.

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    Chapter 1-
    As Jordan walked along the road to Konoha Village, he thought of all the villages he’d lived in during his life. There was the fire village, in which he had been mugged, and brutally attacked the man who had stolen from him. He couldn’t remember what he had done to him, all he remembered was that after he was mugged, the world went white, and next thing, he was standing over the bloody and bruised body of the thief. When Jordan was found standing over him, the leaders of the village saw him as a danger, and he was kicked out. They had almost threatened to throw him in jail, but went easy on him, because, well, he was only 13. Then, half a year later, when he stopped by in the earth village, all was going well, until a week later, he was discovered in the village, and was, again, kicked out. During that half a year, the word had spread of Jordan, and the danger he posed. Again, he was homeless. But, Jordan knew how to survive in forests, and the wild, and alone. That was how he had lived all his life. But, when he came upon a band of travelers, he started traveling with them for about a month. But, while he was with them, he heard rumors of a boy, who, they said, had the spirit of a demon sealed within him. Now, Jordan knew that there was something different about him, but he never thought that he was possessed. At least, until he heard of this boy. Then, when he asked of his name, he was told it was Naruto Uzumaki. So, after a week of preparation, Jordan set out for Konoha Village. Surely, if there was a village who would allow such a danger like this other boy to live there, perhaps they would allow Jordan to do the same. And, perhaps, somebody who was in this village could tell Jordan what was inside him. He estimated it would take him about 4 months to get there. But, for Jordan, all he could do for now, was walk.
    End Chapter 1

    Chapter 2-
    A month after Jordan had first set out for Konoha Village, he was remembering more of his past, his thoughts were more free, and he couldn’t empty his mind. Mostly, he daydreamed of what his life would be like if he was accepted into Konoha Village. He wondered if he would finally find a home. But, he also wondered how people would treat him. Would they fear him, like all others did? Or would he be accepted, and find people he could call his friends? Or would he find nothing, no boy, no welcoming village, what if he never found the answers to what he was looking for? What if there were NO answers for him? What if he was born to be alone, to have no home, no friends, to never feel at peace? To die alone… just as he had lived his whole life… But no, he must have a purpose! Why would he be born into a world where he would never be happy, or be accepted? No, there must be a reason for his existence. He knew he had all but to find this village, and Naruto Uzumaki. Then, he felt, he would find his answers.
    While Jordan was contemplating all this, without him realizing it, two men had started following him. Soundlessly, they had followed him for a good mile, but until now, neither of them had made any move or action toward Jordan. Then, they started walking faster, so they would catch up to him. As Jordan finally realized he was being followed, and that the two men were coming toward him, he realized that they must be out to steal from him. But, unbeknownst to them, Jordan had once been given a ninja’s weapon, called a ‘kunai”, and he still had it. Ever since he had gotten it, at age 6, he had wanted to become a ninja. He couldn’t remember the man who had given him the weapon, but the man had said something about Jordan needing, “protection,”, and, “use it carefully”. But, Jordan had been training himself, in case something ever happened. Now, he knew, something was bout to happen. As the men were coming towards him, Jordan stopped in the middle of the road, and turned to face them. The men were obviously surprised by this, but they still came at him. One said, “ Now, now boy, we don’t want to hurt you, we just want to, lets say, “relieve” you of all your possessions.” And the other said, “ Yes, lets, “relieve” him of his possessions. C’mon, lets get ’im” And with that, both men jumped at Jordan, fists ready to strike. But Jordan was ready, he ducked, swerved behind them, and kicked their legs out from under them in one swing of his leg. As the men fell, Jordan aimed a punch their faces, striking them right in the nose. As they both hit the ground, groaning in pain, with blood spurting from their noses, Jordan stood over them and said, “ You two had better leave now, if you know what’s good for you” and brandished the kunai, visibly threatening them. As the humiliated men regained their footing, they started to run away, their pride hurt more than their bodies. “Good riddance. Jeez, tryin to rob a kid, what’s the world comin to?” Again, Jordan resumed his steady pace toward Konoha Village, though with more pride, and more enthusiasm. Well, he thought, that training was definitely worth it. So he continued on his long trek to the Leaf Village.
    End Chapter 2

    Chapter 3-
    Some time later, Jordan had lost track of time, he thought he saw what looked like a giant village in the distance. Finally, he thought, I’ve reached Konoha Village. He broke into a run, reenergized by the prospect of his long journey being over. As he reached nearer and nearer the village, Jordan saw a huge wall surrounding the entire complex, with a large gate in front of him. Well, he thought, no wonder this place is so well known, its huge! Well, he thought, might as well go through this thing, it wont help just staring at it. So, with enthusiasm and anxiety, he walked through the gate. When he could see the village, he was amazed at how large it really was. The wall covered all the buildings, and prevented others from viewing farther away. There were hundreds upon hundreds of buildings of all shapes and sizes. But, before Jordan could go any further, a commanding voice called to him, “Halt! Don’t move another step kid!” Jordan replied with, “I’m not a kid,” as he turned to see two green vested ninjas. At least, he thought they were ninjas. They certainly fit the profile, they had those weird headband things. One, sitting at a desk, said, “ Well, you’re younger than us, so that makes you a kid in our eyes. Kid.”
    The other, leaning against the inside of the wall, said, “ C’mon Dodosha, go easy on the kid, he looks like he came a long way from somewhere. So, kid, where are you from?”
    “Me? I don’t really come from anywhere, I’m just looking for someone. You wouldn’t happen to know who he is, would you? His name, I heard, is Naruto Uzumaki.”
    Dodosha replied,“ What? Who wants to find that freak. He’s an embarrassment to the village he is, aint he Shora?”
    “C’mon, Dodo, just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean he’s a freak. And from what I’ve heard around, is that he’s getting strong enough to become Hokage.”
    Jordan asked, “ So do you know where he is or not? I need to talk to him.”
    “Oho,” Dodosha said, “ You need to talk to him? Well, if you really want to find that freak, go ask the Hokage herself. Last I heard he was on a mission.”
    “Oho yourself Dodo,” Shora said, “did you actually just help a stranger? Why, you don’t even know who he is. He could be a deadly ninja, come to kill us all,” he said jokingly.
    “Ha-ha,” Jordan said, clearly not amused. “Look, thanks for the help, Shora, and uh… Dosha?”
    “Hey, my name’s DODOsha, kid. Hey, what’s your name? We need to put you down in the log book.”
    Umm, my name is Jordan.”
    “Jordan?” Shora questioned suspiciously, “But that’s not even Japanese. Where are you from kid??
    “I don’t remember, all I remember is my parents left me with a note, alone in some village. All it says is, ‘To our son Jordan, we love you very much, but we are afraid of what might happen if we keep you with us. We will always love you, your mother and father.’ Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I should find this boy Naruto. Bye.”
    “Bye,” they said in unison.
    So, as Jordan walked along the wide road, admiring the large buildings all around him, he suddenly realized he had no idea who, or where, the Hokage was. Duh, he thought to himself, it’s that huge round building in the distance that says, Hokage on it. Well, that was dramatic, he thought more to himself. I wonder who the heck this, ‘Hokage’ is? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
    End Chapter 3