• It never worked, there was nothing at all since we started.

    "Come, when I fall-"

    There was nothing there-

    "-There will always-"

    Nothing since it began-

    "-Be a way to end it all, to start over."

    Nothing when it comes to things that matter.

    "Nothing catches-"

    Why will I fall?

    "-You when you miss-"

    Will I make it?

    "-It's not worth the try-"

    Will I die.

    "-Nothing is a fantasy."

    It will never work out-

    "Why won't you-"

    -In the end, never again-

    "-Fall with me?"

    -Nothing is what it seems.

    "There is more to this-"

    How can you expect me to fly?

    "-Than what you think."

    With broken wings.

    "No. It's not the same."

    How do you expect me to soar?

    "The hell it is,-"

    My wildest dreams.

    "-Fall with me,-"

    I have fallen so far down, into a hell of my own mind.

    "-Stay with me,-"

    But all I can do is smile,

    "-Never go."

    And pretend everything is okay.

    "Fall, make it last."

    Nothing is what it seems.

    "Take my hand,"

    Ntohing is perfect.

    "Fall with me."

    Nothing is right.

    "If I fall, will you catch me?"