• If you look up to the sky, you'll see a big crystal box. This is the Sky Box. I live up there. I can watch people move about in their daily lives, shuffling from point A to point B. It helps me put things in perspective. I know that when I'm down on the ground, someone else could be watching me from the sky. To that person, I'd just look like another little ant, running around and doing things that aren't really that important. When I think this way, nothing seems like such a big deal.

    I like the Sky Box. It feels nice to float in the air and be able to look all around me. The view is pretty good. The Sky Box moves around all the time, so wherever I wake in the morning is a surprise. Today I could be over the Pacific Ocean; tomorrow I could be over the Gobi Desert; the next day I could be over London. There's no way to tell. It's lots of fun.

    It gets old after a while, though. Sometimes I wish I could just settle down and live in one place. Get a good house, find a nice girl, raise a family, all that. I get so lonely. Will I always be alone? Will I be able to move out of the Sky Box one day, or am I forever stuck floating from place to place in a big, transparent cube? Hell, I don't know. At least the view's good.