• I am the eprson who wants to suceed
    Even if it is difficulty ill try to reach it
    Working to meet my needs
    Sometimes my paper works is late to submit

    Ill study and work as long as I can
    Even if lam tired of combining study and work, I will Graduate
    Just to fulfill my plans
    And I know many of students can relate

    Iam striving for my goals and dream
    That one day I will surivve poverty
    And someday I'll be a humble supreme
    And I will have my own Family Property

    I will repay all the suffering of my Grandparents
    Who raised and took care of me until I was a teenager
    Ill give them the beautiful life they deserve and the sweetest moment
    Even when my parents Abandoned me I let go of my anager

    Iam so proud of My self
    because I grew up independent
    But Iam more proud of my Grandparents
    who taught me everything to stand on my own
    So that I can cope everything even if Iam alone.