• Chapter 1: My Hatching

    Where am I? Why is it so dark? I hear voices…Mom? …Dad…? What is this place—it’s so dark— why do I see shadows outside? I began pushing against the hard shell. It was surprisingly easy with this horn on my nose. I was about to give another push, but everything began to shake. There was nothing to grab a hold of, so I couldn’t stop myself from bouncing around. It felt like I was flying, but I still couldn’t see what was outside, just shadows. I saw the shadows of wings flapping, than it just started fading. It faded into nothing. Was I falling?

    I hit something soft, as if someone caught me. I hear more voices. Who are they? Mortals?

    “Well, I guess it wasn’t just my imagination.” The voice said, rubbing against my shell.

    I began hitting the shell again with my egg horn and the mortal gasped. The mortal put me down, letting me continue my break out from this infernal darkness.

    “Come on little fella, you can do it.” The mortal cheered.

    I finally hit a break through. I saw the light from the sunlight that our great creator Qinmeartha granted us. I continued chipping at the hole, clawing at it with all my might. I gave one final push and I was free. The sun burned my eyes at first, but they soon adjusted and I saw the mortal before me.

    “Hey, there little guy. Are you okay?” She asked, reaching her hand out to me slowly.

    I looked at her pale hand and looked up at her. She had Wolfe cut black hair, but her eyes were what fascinated me the most, they were a light gray color and they had slits, much like a dragon when angered. With out realizing it I felt her hand, gently, petting my head. I took a step back, stepping on my prison with a ‘crack.’ I looked down, lifting my front claw to inspect it. I notice the horn that was once on my nose was now on the ground and my scales were pitch black. I looked back, flapping my wings gently. They were a faded purple, but they went well with my black scaly skin.

    The mortal laughed at my fascination at my own body structure. I looked at her and gave a low growl. She just looked at me with no fear in her eyes, just enlightenment.

    “It’s okay, I won’t hurt you.” She said, smiling warmly.

    I snorted. How can I trust a mortal? They were the main reason why the dragon species was dying. She put her hand out in front of me again, but this time she didn’t make any movements towards me like the first time. I took a cautious step towards her, smelling the strange hand. I snapped at it, taking a small piece of flesh.

    “Ow.” The mortal cried, bring her hand close to her.

    She inspected the bleeding finger and looked back at me, smiling. She licked the blood off her finger and applied pressure to stop the bleeding. But it confused me… Why is she smiling at me?

    “We need to give you a name.” She said, her smile growing bigger.

    Name!? Why do I need a name? Geez, these mortals are strange, they have to name everything they like. But now that I think about it… I remember voices when I was in my prison. My mother’s sweet, musical voice calling my name.

    Sleep well, _____

    I’ll keep you warm, _____


    _____, Forgive me

    Wait! I can’t remember! I can’t remember the very name my mother gave me. Why? Why is that? No…no that’s impossible. I couldn’t have forgotten. Damn it!

    “Memory!” The mortal said, just now thinking of a name.

    I looked at the mortal, confused by the sudden outburst. Why that name? She laughed at my reaction and reached out to pet me again. I allowed her this time and leaned into her touch, looking for some comfort to the fact I forgotten my own name.

    “You seem confused by the fact I gave you that name,” She said, using her thumb to rub my cheek., “ I want that as your name because you are my best memory.”

    I look into the mortals eyes and to see that she really means it. I guess this mortal is alright, I think I can trust her.

    “Here let’s get you home and get you some food.” She said, picking me up and carrying me to her home.

    Her home wasn’t what I expected. Most mortals were said to have homes that are fit for their families, but it seemed that this girl didn’t have a family. She lived alone in a small cabin with a strange creature that greeted her with a wagging, curly tail. She set me down and this slobbering beast began licking me from head to tail. The mortal seemed to have found this entertaining.

    “Alright, Tsuki, get off of him. He’s going to be part of the family now, so treat him like family.” The mortal said, disappearing into another room.

    The infernal beast known as Tsuki barked, happily, attacking me with it’s slobber again. I gave a growl this time and Tsuki seem to have taken it as a playful growl. The playful beast began rolling me on my back and sniffing me every where. I may be a dragon, but I still feel uncomfortable with this…thing sniffing me in inappropriate places. I snapped at her ear to get her off which to my surprised work. She took a few step backs, tilting her head. I got back on all fours and looked at the still unknown drooling beast.

    ‘What are you?’ She asked, confused.

    It was hard to answer that question for the truth was, I still don’t have the ability to speak. It’ll be a couple of weeks or months before I could communicate with the mortals or this slobbering beast. To answer it’s question though I gave a chirp that would only reveal what I truly was. Tsuki looked at me surprised, she seemed to never have seen one of my kind in this area.

    ‘Why would Lady Syor bring a dragon home?’ the beast said, now growling at me.

    Syor…? Why is a mortal named after such a graceful dragon of legends. Wait! Take that back! How does a mortal even know about Syor. I thought only dragons would know of those who gave Earth it’s true natural beauty. The mortal soon joined us with two bowls filled with an aroma that made me realize I was famished. The drooling beast looked at it’s master, showing it’s happy smile it use to show me. She laid one of the bowls before me and looked into it.

    I glanced over to Tsuki to see her digging into the bowl like she’s never eaten in months. Syor patted Tsuki’s head smiling happily. I looked back at the food and started gobbling it down. BLEH! It tasted disgusting! How is that drooling beast eating this crap. I felt eyes on me, so I decided to look up to see the mortal and Tsuki staring at me. I looked back down at the food and decided to just eat it since I had to other choice, ‘cause one thing is for sure I won’t be eating that drool, pile of fur any time soon.