• A couple of years have past since I’ve met the mortal dubbed Syor and her drooling beast dubbed Tsuki. While I was in that prison, I remember my mother’s voice telling me stories about the mortals. What she said made them seem so evil, but now that I’ve meet one face to face those stories aren’t all that true. This mortal seems to understand me and the world of dragons. The drooling beast on the other hand, well it still finds me a threat, but it still helps the mortal take care of me. I guess I could consider her a…friend. I still rather eat her than that disgusting food the mortal feeds me.

    My body structure has changed a bit over the years. I’ve hit the point when I’m trying to find the perfect piece of flint and iron pyrite to start on my fire breathing skills, but still can’t find one just right. My wings are getting big enough for me to start trying to fly but still no luck of staying in the air. My claws have gotten bigger and also I’m beginning to obtain a fascination to shiny jewelry. I guess that’s just the European in me.

    But, I’ve also been noticing strange things happening. Syor has been putting on a blind fold to hide her eyes when the local villagers come by. Did they not know of her eyes, or was it of some other reasons? She seems to want to keep me a secret, though. She says that the villagers aren’t going to be as nice to me as she is, which is the reason why she’s moved me to the barn. I guess this is the way she’s going to keep me safe. But it wasn’t all that lonesome, the drooling beast visits me when she wasn’t helping the mortal.

    Life here isn’t all that bad, it’s actually quiet peaceful. ‘Till the day I found the right piece.

    You see, I was just a still a chick and the lesson of fire wasn’t in my book. With the right piece of flint and iron pyrite I’ll be able to mix it with this special venom that will let me breath fire. Well…lets just say the barn wasn’t in the right place at the right time. Bordem took over me as I sat in the middle of the barn with sparks flying out of my mouth. I continued my attempt to create flames, but so far no success just sparks. I noticed something strange though, my sparks weren’t the usual orange, yellow and red color. They were an emerald green color and it continued to spark my curiosity.

    I continued to try to create my first flames. I took a deep breath and… BOOM! Flames of emerald green blew out of my mouth and light the pile of hay before me. I watched the green flames consume everything in its path, but it didn’t make me think once to get out of that place. It wasn’t long till the flames started to surround me and burn the barn down completely. I was comfortable, though. The flames kept me warm like I was back at the nest with my mother, it felt like home.

    I curled up into a little ball and relaxed, letting all my worries go.

    “Memory!” I heard a voice call.

    I lifted my head up to the voice and I couldn’t help but smile. It was strange though, she sounded stressed out. As if I was in danger.

    I heard barking from Tsuki and I stood up, giving a chirp loud enough for them to hear.

    “Memory! Hold on, I’ll get you!” Syor called out to me.

    Why? I wasn’t in danger, these flames couldn’t hurt me, and they would never hurt me. But to the mortal I guess I was in danger. I saw her running towards me, her body and clothes burnt and peeling from the high temperatures of these flames. I smiled at her as she did the same to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. I rubbed my head against her cheek, purring.

    “Alright lets get you out of here.” She said and began looking for an exit through the green flames.

    “Syor! Are you there! Answer us!” A variety of different voices called out.

    She swore under her breath once she heard the voices of the villagers call her name. She looked at me, then looked at the ceiling of the barn and then back at me.

    “Memory, time to learn how to fly and you need to make it so that neither of us are caught.”

    I took a step back and shook me head. No! No way, I can’t carry a human on my back until another year or two. She began to cough from all the smokes and looked at me seriously.

    “You can do it buddy, just give it a try.” She said, looking me straight in the eyes.

    I looked at her as she continued to cough frantically and bowed my head in defeat. She gave me a quick hug and climbed up on my back. I began to flap my wings, but it didn’t take it any where. Come on you stupid wings! I need to do this! Syor’s coughs began to get worse, I glanced back at her. I have to do this for her. I blew a quick spark and tried flapping my wings again. I got a little bit off the ground, but it wasn’t much to get us out.

    “Syor!” The villagers called.

    I heard Tsuki’s barking and I couldn’t help but give a snort. I jumped off the ground and began flapping harder. My body began to hover above the ground, but Syor’s weight wasn’t helping.

    “Hurry, Memory!” She yelled, holding tight.

    I closed my eyes, gave more power into my flapping and felt the hard, warm wood hit my back as I went through the burning roof.

    Once I open my eyes I saw the beautiful night sky full of bright stars. I looked around, feeling the gentle winds hit my body. I was flying…and it felt good. I suddenly heard coughing and just remembered that Syor was on my back. I dive down to land and made a safe landing, well sort of. At least I got near some water for her to clean up at. She quickly got off my back, collapsing to her knees and crawling to the clear water. I went to her side, looking at her with concern. She looked at me and smiled, patting my head.

    “I told you, you could do it.” She muttered weakly.

    Her face was covered in burn marks, her clothes torn and rugged from the flames. I rubbed my head against her hand and licked her wounded face.

    “It’s okay. I’m okay.” She giggled.

    I looked at her face and noticed that the wounds were gone I gave a shock expression and started looking to see if their were any other wounds. She laughed at my facial expression and kissed my nose.

    “You’re not the only on with special powers, but with our special power comes responsibility and you need to learn how to control them. I trust you to make the right paths in life, Memory and that is learning how to use your powers wisely.” She said, looking at her reflection in the water.

    I looked at my reflection and stared lapping water into my dry throat. I wish to speak to Syor, but I could never get the whole speaking thing right. I never could find my voice to say what I wanted to say. I stayed silent, letting my expressions show what I was saying. I stared at my reflection for a while, checking every feature of my face. It was no different than you every day dragon face…well if you ever see a dragon. In this village to see a dragon was considered dangerous. I learned that dragons of my kind use to wreck havoc here: stealing livestock, precious jewelry, destroying houses. But I found that surprising, European dragons usually stayed away from humans. The only time that they would think about attacking and eating a human if there was nothing else to eat. It was a last resort to us. Could mom and dad have been so vicious?


    I quickly looked at Syor to see her face full of question. She must be worried about me. I haven’t moved my eyes from my reflection.

    “You’re thinking about your parents, aren’t you?” she asked.

    I looked away. How couldn’t I? I never knew my parents, but I still think about them. Unlike most dragons, Western dragons, such as European, spend much time incubating the egg of our young. Once they hatch a firm bond is quickly developed between chick and parent. I never got a chance to have that bond with my parents only with this mortal. I consider her my mother now. I developed that bond with her like I would have with my dragon mother.

    “Don’t worry about it to much. I promise you, one day you’ll meet your parents and I’ll let you go with them. To be with you’re kind. You’re just gonna have to wait till then.”

    I glanced at her. Would she be strong enough to let me go? Would she not put up a fight and leave me be with my kind? She wouldn’t fear me becoming one of those so called “monsters” her people fear so much? I sighed, laying down onto the soft grass. I heard Syor’s footsteps as she walked towards me and put her back against mine. She sat down, not speaking a word. I picked up my head to look at her and saw that her eyes were closed. Her breathing was calm., she was asleep. I smiled, laying my head onto her lap. She rested her hand on top of my head and I began to drift into a peaceful slumber.

    I heard her voice whisper ever so gently as I slowly closed my eyes, “ I love you, Memory.”

    This was my new life and so now I must protect it.