• Chapter 7

    I asked, "Is this Susan a vampire?" They all looked at me, shocked.

    "Well, Emily, yes Susan is a vampire, but can we please leave it at that!" Andrew said sternly. Who was this Susan? What does she want with me? And why am I the only one to have these ghastly dreams? I wanted to know the answer to all of this. I suddenly had a craving for blood. Which is unusual for "new" borns' like me. I stood up and hastily went to the kitchen to get one of the blood packets.
    I almost tore it open when I heard something. It was Andrew, he was rushing down the stairs. I guess he sensed that I wanted some blood.

    "Hm, so you are thirsty. You know, that's not how to open the blood packet. Do you want me to show you the proper way?" Andrew asked. I blushed and nodded.
    I stared as he showed me the proper way to open it. Then he handed me the packet. I slurped down the whole thing greedily. After I drank the blood, everything seemed to have a pulse. I saw new colors and I suddenly had a burst of energy. Suddenly, I felt tired, I looked at Andrew with drowsy eyes and yawned.

    "Hey, Emily, you okay? You look tired." Andrew asked.

    " Ya I'm okay" I half yawned. Andrew only shook his head; then picked me up bridal style. I was to tired to care for what he was doing.
    In moments I was in my room. Courtesy of Andrew. When we were in. I saw something on my bed. I wondered; what is it? Andrew gently put me down next to it. I poked it out of curiosity. It groaned and moved I giggled realizing it was Jordan. I heard him snore. i giggled again and went to sleep on my bed.
    The next morning, I found Jordan on my stomach. Then all of the boys came in to my room. I pretended to sleep. I heard snickers and cursing. Then one of the boys nudged me. I opened my eyes slowly. It was Jordan...