• I was a new kid in town. I barely knew anyone but the members of my own family. Moving in this new town was not my idea and no one consulted me for anything. Sigh, I never have a say in this family anyway.

    Being the youngest child, I was always neglected. Maybe if I sit still on a family occasion no one would even notice I was there. My parents always watched over my elder and more 'superior' siblings. Getting all the praises for having 'such good marks and being ever so marvelous at class'. They flutter over them as if they were the only children they have. Well, so much for family attention.

    I, on the other hand, am a normal teenager. I hang with friends, which is better than having a picnic with my own family. I'm fairly good at sports. I'm in the varsity of my old school till my 'parents' decide that they would like to move to a bigger house near the coast. I know the real reason behind it. My elder brother had a job offer and my parents don't want to miss their darling son so we moved.

    If I were to choose I would rather stay in our old home but my dad said "None sense. Family should stick together" and the topic of me being left behind was dismissed. I know I wouldn't fit in this coastal village. The people are so rural and I can't even imagine myself living here being so near the sea, my worst fear. Well, my parents wouldn't remember but when I was in second grade I almost died of drowning (if my teacher and the lifeguard didn't saw me that day I would have been history). Anyway, since then I never went near a big body of water that is bigger than a bathtub.

    I loath the sea and maybe it is better off without me I suppose. I walked outside our new lawn; it's so noisy inside the house. A party is currently being held, more like an acquaintance party for the new neighbors. 'I hate this' I almost said aloud. Fresh air is always better than hypocrite crowds. I strolled towards what I hated most; the sea. My anxiety kept me distant to the crashing waves and the crushing force of the current. Enticed by the full moon that reflects itself on the surface of the vast sea; I solemnly looked ahead appreciating its beauty.

    I sat down on the rock beds as the angry roll of water crashed down below; the foam sprayed up and dampened my hair as turbulent gales blew. I wasn't so afraid anymore I guess, but I could never trust the water that’s for sure. Moments later after realizing it was getting late I started to get up and retrace my steps back. I heard a call from somewhere but I'm quite sure I didn’t saw anyone near the shore when I passed by. I was alone.

    I searched for the source of the call. Maybe whoever it was must be in trouble or something. "Hello. Is anybody there?" I called while I walked towards the source of the voice I am hearing.

    As I walked I heard someone giggling from a distance. Getting a little closer to see what was going on beyond, I saw a light from a campfire and shadows by the other end. A group of teenagers about my age was gathered around in a circle talking with such familiarity with one another. ‘Maybe I heard wrong,’ I thought as I started to retrace my steps. Failing to notice the slippery surface of the rock, my foot slipped and fell head long to the surface of the water.

    I ventured far and the depths in this part of the bay are fatal to any inexperienced swimmer. Well, at least maybe deep enough to drown me that's for sure. I tried to resurface, trying to grab hold to something but my frantic efforts are useless. I was being dragged by the current into the dark pits of the cold grave. I took my last gasp for air until a strong force pulled me under. All I see was pitch blackness, cold and dark. As I prayed and started to loose my consciousness, a hand held mine. Maybe it was hallucination brought about by my will that someone really cared. Then I fainted, maybe worst.