• The spirit of the pilsbury doughboy has possessed me and commands me to make pastries out of you all...quick give me your entrails I want to make a danish.... will eviscerate you for my baking purposes. A delicious cakewaalk you refuse to win.
    only an intro

    Walking down the street a come across an anamoly that is hard to describe. I was walking to the supermarket and as I skipped to the happy groc library The sidewalk ended. not just a stoppage of cement. But the whole sidewalk stopped and the g round underneath it as well.It was a cliff. I leaned and peered over the edge. All I could see is the grey fog associated with being really high up.i backed away watching my step. I turned around and saw a man walking reading the daily LIE stretched across hiding his features. He would not be expecting this. Dumbstruck and strangely unable to speak. I watch as he takes the last step over the edge falls forward stiffly and without a sound drops. I listen i here no squish I here no plunk no boom no thumps just quiet. He didnt even screech.not a peep. I turn again and see a woman getting dragged by the biggest domesticated animal id ever seen. Its galloping full throttle and I barely dodge it. The lady seemingly unwilling to let go of the leash goes screams loud as she sweeps the floor with her body dragging what looks to be painfully.the dog makes a leap and in frame by frame goes over the edge the lady closely follows screaming all the way down. But again there is no cut off it just keeps going as lowers decibal by decibal until its completely inaudible. I turn once more and now its a guy in a bicycle pedaling hard and drip drip drip his salty sweat. This time a snap to reaction and I begin yelling and waiving my arms erratically. He looks confused and while looking at me he goes careening off. maintaining momentum he pumps his arms in the air as if enjoying it then drops. THIS CLIFF IS KILLING PEOPLE, I think frantically. A car, a plane and a train drive off the edge all distracted by their social texting life. Soon the populace becomes aware and gathers at the edge surrounding me. Before I can speak they all assume that I have launched our small town off into space and I am a vengfull god seeking to have his wrath satiated. They begin to sacrifice small animals. I object rather forcefully but they ignore me assuming I am testing their faith. Soon they begin to witch hunt and throw those judged unworthy off the edge. The air gets thinner. We begin to lay down collectively as the oxygen is less in the higher levels of the atmosphere. As we sail closer to the moon the more and more tired I get. I close my eyes and replay ode to joy in my head. If I turn blue just add red. everyones out at least I will finally figure the meaning to life. If you ask cant tell trade secret. They never made a sound
    I never made a sound
    A loud noise no heat lost of clouds
    wind rushing pressure building and the loudest voice ever asking me at the pearly gates what are you doing here. everyone gets up and looks at the man wearing wings and a ring above his head. "I think theres been some kind of mistake" he says. Slowly but purposely I walk up to him and wordlessly punch him in the face. the second my fist gets the touch on his expression maker,I awake at the supermarket. just another daydream, but at least a pleasent one.