• Chapter 2.
    The Fight

    I heard the hard running steps, someone was running to me. All I felt was a pull, and pain. Sertina had pulled my hair. Then something very unexpectedly happened, I don’t know…What happened but, im sure I didn’t do it in purpose, but I never pushed her….hmmmm strange. Sertina got thrown against the lockers” owww!!” ,she said in a painful voice,” What the heck, is wrong with you sertina! What ever have I done to you?!” I said angrily. Everyone was surrounding us and screaming,” FIGHT! FIGHT!!” Oh don’t be the hy- hypocrite , you know…. W-what you did to me, here let me refresh your mind!!……sixth grade, y-You took my place in the play. Does that?, Does that r- refresh your mind?” “What is going on!? I demand to know what all the screaming is about!?” It was the principal. Mr. Sherlock
    * * *

    “But!? I didn’t do anything, she start it it!” I said “ You are both suspended for 3 days!” the principal said
    Huffily. “What! No! you cant do this, my parents are donating to the school! I demand to have a lawyer!” Sertina said. “ This time you daddy’s money isn’t going to help you” the principal said,” But I didn’t do anything!! Serenity threw me against the lockers.” she said with a very implacable look. “ Wait, what? I didn’t! I never even pushed her!!! And she pulled my hair, for no reason!” I said in an innocent voice. “ That’s it both of you, are now in big trouble. I’m going to call your parents!” he said in a furious voice. After I got out of the office I walked away, since the bell had already rang. And I was supposed to go home already, but I do maluca will probably kill me. As I walked, I found Seth, next to a tree. He was apparently waiting for someone. “ Hey, I heard yah got in trouble”. he said in a amusing face.” Well I see the rumors run by fast, but….im not guilty at all. Did you see what happened!? I never pushed her….” Yes I saw everything, I think yah got quite a spec ability there-” He said. “ But, the worst part…is that I am suspended for 3 days. And I don’t want to go home or else my mom will kill me!” I said fearful
    “ Well didn’t the principal call your parents?” y-Yeah…..how did you know?” I was only guessing. Though I think you should really go home it’s getting dark.” Right….hum…hu-” Serenity!!!!” My brother? Andrew? “ You are in big trouble, come one mother is extremely mad right now. I tried to calm her down, but she just is so suborned. Come on”. He said Breathlessly,” Okay….Well ill see yah Seth, tomorrow…” Okay ill see yah, good luck with the yeah…” Kay thanks” I said nervously. Andrew like pulled me by my arm, he seemed nervous too. I got home and I directly went to my room, Maruca stopped me. And her face seemed full with horror. “ How could you!? In your first day of school?! Suspension? You are grounded too! 2 weeks of chores!” She said madly,” But I didn’t! I didn’t do anything at all!” I said screaming,” I don’t care!? You still got suspended for 3 days! In you first day of school!’’ Maruca said madly. I Ran upstairs madly, no furiously mad! It wasn’t my fault, I still cant believe it. I didn’t do it purposely. I never….wait a minute, I didn’t even touch sertina at all! I never slammed her against the lockers. But if it wasn’t me who was it then…. Seth it was him! He pushed her. But why? Why would he do that? The next day I rose up early, knowing I did have a ton of chores that needed to be done. Wow I couldn’t believe it, usually my house is very well organized. But wow my house total pig nest. There was garbage all over the place, garbage of all kind! I didn’t even know where to start, there was so many things to get picked. But I’ll just start with tying my hair to a pony tail. Then ill pick up the garbage, clothes, dirty dishes, And then…..broom the floor. And last of all mop. After 2 hours of work, without no rest. “ Gosh! I am exhausted, jeez I need a hot shower….ahhh…..too tired!” I said in a tired voice. But I figured I at least I have to have energy to take a shower right? Well yes I did. Though I think the 40 min shower didn’t do bad. I usually only take a 15 min shower. Wow it was already 1:30 P.M. I had to go. I looked around to see if I had left any thing out of order,” Let’s see, I cleaned the dishes, I did the laundry. I swept , mopped, did everything I needed to do. Well guess I’m free.” I said happily. I got out of my house, Dressed in skinny jeans, with a skull shirt, and black converse….Well my dressing wasn’t very good but oh well….I had a purse with too skulls on it, magenta color. As I got out I was almost close to school, I still was thinking on what happened yesterday. Of course I did believe in magic, and all kinds of creepy stuff, I was that kind of girl who wasn’t scared of the paranormal stuff. I wasn’t really scared when people die in a painful way, Though I stopped believing after I was 10. When my step mother told me the tooth fairy didn’t exist. But still why would he want to get me into trouble? Was it because he hated me without even knowing me? Or because he liked and wanted to get my attention…No, NO!I cant get any illusions. Anyways why would anyone like me, Just a clumsy, weird girl. But still why would he do it…Whatever have I done to him, I don’t think I did though….I was tired still, I found a bench and sat there. Looking over to the jr. high school, I went to and got suspended for 3 days in my first day of school…wow I got into trouble fast. I heard the school bell ring, I got up and ready to demand to know why he did what he did. I saw him walking alone, like always. But still why? Melanie, did call me before school started and told me he became the most popular in the school. But he still looked lonely, like he was suffering in his own little world. Without people around him noticing. He was approaching, I was hiding behind the tree. I came out from behind of the tree, he was a few feet away from though he stopped walking and stared at me curiously. I was ready to take him on,” So why did you do it? Why would you want me to get in trouble in the first day of school.” I said mad.” Look I know it’s hard to believe, but it wasn’t me because….if it would have been me I would have gotten out of control. And she would have gotten injured more than she is now.” he said clearly.” What me? No I don’t have any powers, I am just an ordinary human, I can’t not even…NO not me I cant.” Nothing is impossible if you set your mind into it” Seth said convincingly. I couldn’t understand him one bit. I don’t know what was going on…” No not me why me? NO I don’t believe it, not anymore I don’t believe no more.” I said, all of this was startling me. Or was I just scared. But either way I still didn’t believe it. “ Okay well, just because your step mom told you this kinds of things don’t exist, doesn’t mean they don’t” He said in a weird way. “ Wait how did yo-” Well your not they only one who has a special ability, other than slamming people into lockers” He said, again with the same amusing face as before.” Ha, Ha, well I still don’t believe it.” I looked around to see if anyone was around . Wow I looked at my watch it was already 3:32 P.M. Unexpectedly Seth took me by the hand. And all I heard was the wind gently hitting my face.” Whoa…are we flying or something?” I said nervously,” yeah, well sourd of .” He sounded happy…wow for the first time I have ever heard his voice so happy.” Seth?” Yes Sam?” He said, “ Why did you move to this town?” I said curiously. He stopped, and carefully jumped off the tree we were on, it wasn’t a very high tree. As I struggled to get off, I felt two hands on my hips, he was helping me, so I could get off the tree. We both sat down in the green fresh grass. We were in a all-kinds-of-colors forest. The air smelled fresh, and cool.
    “So why did you move here Seth? I mean I’ am pretty sure you used to live in a better city or something. Like I’ serious, Minnesota?” I said,” Well we moved here from Florida. I don’t know why, well I do but…not much, though I know that my family moved here because my dad is a corporative business man, My mom, sells mansions. And that’s all I know.” He said in an expressionless face,” Oh, but were you against moving here or did you agree?” I said, as I laid down, in the moistly grass.” Why are you asking so many questions?” I don’t know I guess I’ m just curious about you “ I said in a regardless face.”Though why did you come here I mean there…there’s got to be another reason for you to have come here right?” I don’t know, if I can truest you, but you seem very honest so I will tell you. I just hope I don’t make the mistake of death.” He said in a fealty way.” I am of your trust, I won’t tell anyone about this. I aleady knew a lot about this.” I said.” Well you see it all is believed in the old stories. It is said about this 5 mythical creatures ,who have the power to shape on anything they want. It is said that they have unknown powers.” He said in a strange voice. I got up an wondered around poking the trees, the smell of nature was wonderful. I truned back and stared at him in admiration,” Oh but this creatures are real right? I mean they aren’t myths because…..I have powers, atleast that’s what you said right? And you do too, right? Because if you didn’t then how could you know I did?” I said curiously,” Y-yes… That’s right, good point. You know im not going to show off, though I can show your but, I don’t think I should.” WHY!!!?? Come on! Please I beg of you , I need to see how you know, I guess this is sounding very silly.” I said almost giggling. I wasn’t really sure of what time it was so I looked at my watch and saw what time it was, wow I have to get home before 10 P.M. I took my celphone, and seth watched me carefully. As I send a message to Andrew my awesome brother, saying,’ Hey Andrew could you do me a favor? Okay thanks a lot J im going to need you to tell mom ill be probably home before supper or 10 P.M. Thanks Andrew you’re the best! *HUGS AND KISSHES* :3 oh and don’t forget to feed mr.fatty’ Mr. Fatty is my cat, or let’s say the family’s cat,” Fatty? Fatty?? Who is fatty.” Seth said laughing,” What? Fatty is a nice name for my chubby cat, I mean he is fat….I don’t know. Wow it’s already 9:30 imana have to leave soon.” I said concerned,” I’ll take you anyways I don’t think you know the way back” No, but I think I memorized it” Alright then guide, let’s get out of the forest” Wait but what if we get lost?” Give it a try.” He said with his agin-amused-face. As I walked toward somewhere I had no idea, Seth was follwing. After a few minutes, though I had no idea where we were. Or howmany minutes we had walked, because I stopped counting after 30 min. It was getting darker and darker. I took my phone out and looked at the time 1 min for 10 P.M. Oh My God my mom is going to kill me!.” Now do think we are lost?” I said,” I don’t know you’re the guide, not me.” Seth said,” Fine then! I don’t know okay I admit it. Now let’s panic because this guide is stupid and does not know where to go”. I said in a warned voice.” Fine! Then I get the silence treatment, jeez! Once more I admit it I don’t know the way”. I said in a panicked voice. I sat down, on a root tree that was poping out of the floor. After a few minutes I did started getting a little bit scared, because it was too quiet. Though all I could heard was only the sound of the night.” Seth! Seriously this isn’t funny!! Seth? Your scaring me! Its not funny anymore!” I said in a nervous voice. I was trembling that even I started being cold. I felt cold hands around me. It did feel like a warm hug.” Why Isn’t funny anymore? Now lets go.” Seth said,” Seth!? That wasn’t funny, you were beginning to scare me!!! Anyways my mom is going to kill me if I don’t get home soon!” I said almost mad,” Fine comeon get on my back , oh hold on tight.” He said in a forewarn voice. I got on his back, and he started jumping on trees. The cool fresh breeze was once again hitting,I’d say almost slapping my face. The wind was strong. As we approached to my house , I saw my mom’s shadow in the window. “ Hey Seth could you go around to the backyard? Why? Because I don’t Want my mom to see me, anyways I can climb up to my window.” Alright then if that’s what you want.” He said, I climbed up a tree. Because a tree is next to my window and some branches are next to it. I got into my room, and swiftly laid on my bed. Someone was coming up the stairs to my room. Because I could hear the heavy steps, the doorknob was twisting. There was my Maruca, her filled with hatred and sadness.” Where the heck have you been!?” Maruca said in a unpleasant voice, that got my back hair’s curl up into a ball.” What are you talking about? I was here before you took a shower.” No you weren’t, it’s all your fault you shabbily child! Because of you , David is mad.” I don’t know what you are talking about! Now get out! Why do you always have to be so mean and such a bi-” SUCH A WHAT!? Say it now! Say it!” maruca said, but this time her voice was higher than before, I could see all the hatred. “ I wont say it cause you know what I mean, you know what!? David isn’t even interested in you! He is just in it for the money. For the grandpa’s heritance!! I have even heard him, say that your as rotten as a roe! And that your heart is made out of pure evil and hate!” Maruca….she slapped me. I burst into tears and pushed her out of the door. I locked the door, and pushed the mattress against it so no one would be able to come in. “ Open this door! Open it, if you don’t open it I swear you’ll get the worse out of me! Now open this door, you rotten child!” Maruca said screaming, she was outside the door. After a few minutes it was quiet. I grabbed my backback and emtied all the books. I opened the closet door and started packing, everything. Im leaving, I thought. I didn’t know where but im sure I could find somewhere to while I could get a job. I dug in my closet, there was a stange box with a pattern on it. I tried opening it but it needed a key. Hmmm a key. I examined the box. It took me a while to get it but I did. I needed a heart shaped key.heart shaped key….hmmm.” I got it!” I said in exited voice. I dug in my pocket and found the key. They key, that my grandpa had given me before he faded away. I opened the box. Papers where in it. I took a while to read it, but that was it. My grandpa had always loved me, I was his favorite grandchild. I loved him back, he was the nicest person I had ever known.
    “Ahhhhhh!!!! Oh my god! He left to me, he did! The heritage! The house, all the money. I cant believe it though…. I don’t want to leave my brother here , yes I should go tomorrow to claim it.” I said. I wasn’t happy he gave all this stuff, I mean he left me the 2 mansions, the 5 houses, the 55 automobiles and the 369 billion dollars. What would I do with all of this, I though. I needed Andrew yes he is mature. I texted him in my phone knowing that I could get out, my message said.’ Andrew I know its hard to believe but, grandpa he left it all to me, I need you to come with me tomorrow so we can claim it. I’m leaving this house forever. I don’t know Im going to make a living the way I can. Im going to keep studying. Ill see yah at the backyard tomorrow morning, at 9 A.M.’ I send the message, and grabbed the sheets on my bed and started trying them together. I opened my window and dropped the tied sheets. I grabbed my bags and started climbing down to the floor.I Heard lous noises in my room, it sounded like a hatchet. A hatchet! Someone was breaking in my room. After a few minutes the sheet I was on, was starting to get oulled up.” Maruca! Is that you” You damn child come back here.” It was maruca she found out and had a hatchet. I was about 7 feet from the floor. Maybe, mabe if I jump. The idea was stupid enough to get me a leg broken but I had to try it. I jumped, but luckily I didn’t hurt anything. So I started running, running as fast as I could. To the woods, yes there maybe ill be sfae there. It was getting darker and darker as I got deeper in. I dug in my bag and found a flashlight. I truned it on. And stopped running. I sat beside a tree, but this was no ordinary tree. It was amasingly huge . I looked at it, and found out that it was the kind of tree that was easy-to-climb. So I did, I started climbing until I was almost at the top.”Wow I can see the whole city from up here.” I murttered.” Alright so let me get this, you espacped from you home to live on a tree, that’s the smartest thing I have ever seen anyone done.” a vice said. I couldn’t uncover the person who was speaking. But I searched in my memories. A deep sweet voice. “SETH! Is that you?” Who else? But seth” he said.” Hey though I don’t think that you should spend the night here. Its dangerous.” Seth said. I thought about it for a while,” I guess you are right. But where else would I go? I cant go back to my house.” Why not?” He said,” well because, I got a crazy step mother who hates me and has a huge hatchet.” I said conveniently. Of course I could never got back there.” I see then, why don’t you come to my place?” Your place, no I couldn’t…no no I couldn’t, anyways I could spend the night here im sure.” I said, I was such a bad lier.” Yes you’re a bad lier, now come on let’s go.” Seth said “ NO! are you crazy?! I don’t even know anyone from your family, well I have seen them in school, but still I have a lready bothered enough don’t you think.” I said “ Alright how long is it going to take for you to accept my request?” Seth said almost sounding mad. He grabbed my arm and carried me and took me down of the tree. He had set me down then had gone up and got my backpack. “ Now come on” Seth said.