• I'm sorry
    I'm sorry for the damage I've caused
    I'm sorry for the relationships I've ruined
    I didn't mean to
    I'm sorry I'm a b***h
    I'm sorry that I'm jealous
    I'm sorry for my attitude
    I'm sorry for my presence
    I'm sorry you met me
    I'm sorry tht im depressing
    im sorry for making u worry
    im sorry i cnt go bck in time
    for if i could u'd b happier not knowing me
    i apologize for i talk the way i do
    im sry im so stubborn
    im sorry u think i intentionally ruin ur relationships
    i swear to god i dnt mean to
    im sorry for always putting myself down
    your too nice 2 me
    and i dnt deserve it
    you always help me wen u should jst 4get me
    im sry for everything ive done and caused
    i wish u nvr met me
    thats wat im most sry for
    if u nvr met me
    u'd be fine
    u'd have a much better life
    ur relationships would be bettr
    and u wouldnt have 2 wry bout me
    but i cnt make that happen
    and im sry