• Prologue

    tab The sun was rising, quickly and with no sign of slowing for anyone or anything.
    tab "I have to leave! They'll find me here!" I exclaimed.
    tab "Please don't leave yet," he said as he grabbed my hand before I turned away.
    tab "I have to! If they find you here...with me...they'll rip you apart!"
    tab "But you can't leave! I....I love you," he pleaded.
    tab Seeing the look in his eyes, his beautiful blue green eyes, made my heart melt inside. I knew I couldn't stay long, but I didn't want to leave him. Pulling from both sides of me, I was conflicted, but I didn't want him to get hurt by my family. Deep down, I knew this was bad, but secretly, how can I hide my feelings? I love him. I really truly love him. The problem is...how can I love a human when I'm a vampire?