• The sickening feeling of fear slowly consumed the entire being of her soul. Her hands clammed up and sweat slowly poured out of her pours and she unwillingly gasped at the gruesome sight before her wide deep purple eyes. The blood dipped slowly from the ceiling and down the walls, the guts spilled out on the floor and the bodies twisted in shapes she had never seen before.

    The mutilated bodies of her closest friends covered the room and she stood in complete shock from the horror that she was witnessing. Her hands began to shake and her feet trembled as she felt only one urge in the entire world. One basic instinct that she had to follow right then and there. The instinct to run and get away from the horror she had seen as quickly as she possibly could. Her body suddenly rushed into action and she flew down the hall like a bullet. She hit the door and took it off its hinges as she crashed to the ground outside. She looked down at the shattered glass and saw the horribly dark and purely evil monster hidden deep inside her twisted soul.

    Terror gripped her again as she sprinted down the deserted street in the northern city of England. Her body pushed and pushed and pushed as she tried desperately to get away from her own horrible nightmare. Her worst and deepest fear had come true in an instant as she lost control of the horrible beast deep inside her as it murdered the people she wanted to keep safe. Her body finally gave out as she reached the small stretch of woods on the edge of the city as she fell to the ground with a horrible thud.

    “Hello little one, did you enjoy the slaughter like I did?” The horrible deep voice of the monster inside her asked with a deep laugh.

    “Why did you do this? Why have you destroyed everything? What purpose did it serve!?” She screamed back at him as she stood her ground in the image of her brain. The floor was unseen through the dark smoke as she stood face to face with the darkness. It surrounded her as its glowing red eyes stared at her.

    “It was not meant to serve any purpose. I was bored and needed a bit of fun. Does it bother you that you can not stop me? Does it eat at you that I am a part of you?”

    “You know damn well that it does. Why do you torture me so?”

    “Because, dear sweet trapped soul, I control your body now. You must sit and watch.”

    The truth hit her then, like a stake through the heart. She was seeing all of this through its eyes. Its horrible eyes as it used her body and murdered her friends then ran to its hide out. The light hurt her body’s skin now. She didn’t understand what had happened but then her memory kicked it. The horrible night returned to her mind as she relived every single moment of the painful and unnerving experience of her life, or really, her death.

    He had teeth like knives, no not teeth, fangs. They sliced into her skin and everything changed. The pain spread through her body as she felt the blood leave her body. He had loved her. He was the one, when did he become the monster that went bump in the night. What had he turned her into? The fear froze her soul as the creature slept.

    The creature she had become, the monster. She was the worst thing in the world. She was a vampire. The thing she feared. The thing she hunted. Her worst fear had come true. And she was stuck in her head forever to watch this creature destroy everything she had stood for. Eternity.