• Ethan was struggling to keep his eyes open in history class, when a sky blue note appeared on his desk. Ethan silently opened it, and placed it under his on his notes for the class. The note read:


    I know what you're thinking, but let me explain. I can tell that you're smart and I need you're help.

    Ethan wrote back:


    What is it?


    Remember when our parents tried to set us up?


    What about it?


    well we could play the parts so well, i was wondering if you wanted to go out.

    Ethan: WTH!


    oh my god sorry, i mean to pretend to be Dating, to keep our parents away from our social life.

    Ethan: Oh ok.

    January: Can we meet at Bigs at five today?

    Ethan: ew.

    January: Toms?

    Ethan: Ana Clannelas?

    January: we'll talk there.

    At Ana Clannelas
    As Ethan and January walked in together, Mr.Ferreli, the owner of the resturant, had a sparkle in his eye about them. He went into the back to his cooks.
    "We got two love birds out there, so start a lasanga." January sat in the corner and Ethan across from her.
    "So you want to go out with me?"
    "Just to stop our parents from arranging dates, nothing else."
    "well yeah but how will they know unless we are public about it."
    "It's either that or we get a new date every day."
    "When have our parents ever been right? What if we think we are in love and then it collapses?"
    "we won't let it happen."
    "I'll give you one try." Mr.Ferreli strolled out and placed the lasanga between them and two milkshakes.
    "We haven't even got a menu yet." January said.
    "yes, but this is on the house you two love birds."
    "We aren't going out either."
    "Then why would you come to a resturant like this?"
    This is when The both of them say at the same time: "I like the place."
    "well keep these anyway becuase it's free." Then Mr.Ferreli walked away.
    "Do you think Mr.Ferreli is working for our parents?" January asked.
    "maybe he put a love potion in the milkshakes." January giggled and Ethan laughed.
    "now that we are finished, lets eat, if we are about to go out we should be on the same team." And the two ate. They talked openly and the chat was friendly. They planned to spill the beans to The gossip girls and be with each other at lunch.