• In the Beginning~

    I walked into the school as I had done hundreds of times before....but this time it was different. I was a second class at Karins school for changlings. Now to break it down my school is cut into 5 types...First classes are Seniors in normal schools...Second class,juniors...third...sophmores....and fourth years freshman. Oh and of course the Professors.

    But yeah...it felt different this year, like I had grown older. I'm also the youngest in my class. it's very annoying considering I'm one of the most skilled second class and am taking some first class well classes but anyways I looked around the crowded entrance hall and saw my sister.

    "Fallyn!" I yelled and a short girl with shoulder-length blond hair and bright blue eyes turned around.

    "Poisyn!!!!" She yelled and ran over to me. we squeezed each other then she hit me.

    "Ow...What the hell?" I hit her back.

    "Poisyn Rose...there is a handprint bruise between my boobs because of you!" she laughed.

    "Oops....sorry I didn't mean too..."I shruged and brushed some fallen strands of black hair outta my face.

    "ahhh the demon twins...i wondered where you two were." Ash came up and hugged us. "even though you two aren't really twins." She smiled.

    "Oh bite me Zombie girl." I sighed and looked around to see one of my old friends. I barely talked to him since i had met him but because of my brother we made small talk. "Hey Ash isn't that Damien?" I nudged her side.

    "oh God what is he doing here?" she frowned. Ash and Damien were on and of for like two or three years and she didn't really like him anymore.

    "He is half demon." Fallyn pointed out.

    "I was being sarcastic Fa...." Ash sighed as Fallyn laughed at her blond moment.....She has many of them. "Pois...is Synester here yet?" Ash looked at me with hopeful dark violet eyes.

    "I don't know...if he is he's probably somewhere on the roof" I sighed. You see Ash has had the biggest crush on Synester since first year.

    "I'm gonna go wander around and see who else is here love ya girls." I hugged them and went walking around. I passed the occasional group that knew me and others that would just look at me. I opened the doors to my first block and picked out my normal chair....dead center. The doors opened and Professor Gartner came in.

    "Ahh hello Poisyn....lets try to be this earlier all year please. I know this is just Drama and your an exceptional actress but I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from the detention slips." He smirked and went through the doors off stage into his office.

    "I'll try Professor G but I can't promise anything." I went out the doors to hear him laughing. I walked outside to walk around and i bumped into someone. "Oh sorry I wasn't..." I looked up at the red eyes that looked back into my lime ones.

    "Clumsy much Poisyn?" Damien laughed.

    "I wasn't paying attention Damien. I wasn't being clumsy" 'for once' I added in my head.

    "yeah sure. so how was your summer?" He half-smiled.

    "It was pretty ok...I spent most of the time at the beach with Syn....speakin of which have you seen him? I need to warn him about fangirl." I twitched my nose and smiled.

    "uh no I haven't actually I was kinda looking for him too. Wanna search together?" Damien shrugged.

    "umm sure." I paused and thought "if you can keep up?" I smiled and flashed down the sidewalk and he was already there.

    "I think I can manage." he chuckled and walked around the corner. I followed him and rolled my eyes. We walked in silence for a short time before it started making me twitchy.

    "Are you ok?" He laughed.

    "yeah...I just don't like silence...it makes me think to much." I sighed and looked down.

    "hmhm really?" He ran his fingers through his messy dirty blond hair.

    "Yeah...so what did you do this summer?" I looked up at him and looked at me.

    "This and that......how's Ash been?" I looked off to the side and rolled my eyes.

    'of course a guy that I think is kinda cute would still be interested in my best friend. even if she is tall pretty and big boobed' I looked down at my boobs. they weren't very small...I was 38 C but Ash and Fallyn were both alot bigger. "um she's doin pretty groovy I think. Last I heard she was still dating Erik." I looked back at him knowing he couldn't see what I was thinking. I saw something flash across his eyes and I couldn't tell what it was...but whatever it was it was gone before I could figure it out.

    "Oh cool." He shrugged and looked off into the distance.

    'now now Diva is a female of a hustla of a hustla...' I took my cell out and flipped it open.
    "Hello?" I stopped walking
    "Pois? where the hell are you?????"
    "Diva chill I'm outside lookin around for Syn."
    Damien stopped a few steps away from me.
    "Oh well whats your third block?"
    "ummm its human history why?"
    "Cuz I was just looking at the class sched and you were on it."
    "then why did you ask?"
    "I don't know. I'll see you then."

    "That was weird." I started walking again with Damien. After awhile of silence we finally found Synester. He was just getting down from the roof. "SYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I squeled!!!!

    "Pois..Dam hey guys" I ran and jumped on him.

    "hey man." Syn and Damien did some sorta weird guy hand thingy.

    "sis...can you kinda get down?" he frowned as I shook my head. "please?" I scowled and sighed getting down.

    'we'll be singing when we're winnin we'll be singin..I get knocked down...'
    "give me a sec."
    I flipped open my phone.
    "who else?"
    "where are you? Kairi and Raven just broke up!"
    "WHA???? ok Athena I'll be there in a few....wait where are you?"
    "near Prof Terrins room"
    "KK I'll be there in like 5"

    "Calm down or your not going anywhere Poisyn Rose" My brother took my wrists.

    "I am calm" I smiled.

    "No your not...your eyes are red." I frowned. "Now what happened?"

    "Raven broke up with Kairi again." Synester sighed.

    "Who's Kairi?" Damien raised an eyebrow.

    "one of my friends...she's a third year she's also part of the drill team." I felt the red surge out of eyes. I didn't want Damien to see me mad for some reason.

    "don't know her." He shrugged.

    "I figured as much." I turned my gaze back to Synester. "better?"

    "Much." he released my wrists. I turned and walked away.

    "Oh and syn....Fangirl is searchin for ya." I smiled as he groaned. iook off down the way Damien and I had came. 'Professor Terrin's room is on the otherside right?' I heard the crying before I got there.

    "Poisyn!" Athena grabbed me and sat me down next to Kairi.

    "ow....what happened darling?" I brushed her snow white hair out of her hysterical face.

    "Raven....says...he's...done...with me" She cried harder. I held her in my arms and let her cry. About after 35 minutes of just crying there,the bell rang for class.

    "Come on girlie let's get to class." I walked Kairi to her class and went to my locker as the late bell rang. 'oh well' I crouched down and fiddled with the combo prolonging going to class.

    "Having fun?" I looked up to see Synester.

    "It's all gravy bro." I opened my locker and grabbed my trueblood bottle...Type A+ of course. I opened the seal and took a long swig. 'damn I feel tired.'

    "Let me have a drink." Synester tried to grab my bottle. I pushed his hand away.

    "nuh uh big brother all mine." I smiled and drank the rest of it down.

    "You lil b***h..." He pushed himself away from the lockers. "Get to class...oh and don't forget R.V. meeting tonight."

    I watched him walk down the hall to his class and sighed. Synester and I are half breeds....we are both half vampire but he's also half farie and I'm half elf....same dad just different moms. We are also the last children of the Reynoldi clan, the most powerful and ancient clan in the vampire world. It's our job to keep all the other clans in check also we are constantly being watched to not screw up the family name. I hate it sometimes but it can be fun. I closed my locker and went to class. As I walked in the door I was handed a lunch detention slip.

    "I told you be on time Poisyn." Professor Gartner sighed and went back to the stage. I went quietly to my seat and pulled out a pen and paper. "Welcome to Advanced Drama. most of you I have had and you know my rules." I sighed and started doodling drawing little curves and waves until the bell rang. My next block flew by quicker than the first and Human history was just as easy. Diva and I sat in the back of class and just talked about random things...our summer...our classes and what not.

    "So you have Lunch detention first day?"Diva asked as we stood at her locker.

    "Yeah but that's normal so..."I shrugged "I'll catch you later." I walked off to the detention room and walked in.

    "Ms. Reynoldi how very nice to see you so soon this year." A short,skinny witch said.

    "Hello Janis it is certinly pleasing to see you." I smiled and sat down in her extra comfy chair.

    "I thought I told not be in here first thing this year Poisyn" She was at the chalkboard writing down her rules.

    "I kno but I just missed you too much" She turned around and frowned as the door opened again.

    "Great double trouble" She sighed as I chuckled to myself.

    "Hello Ms.Charity How was your summer?" Damien sat at one of the computer desks facing the board.

    "Excellent...I didn't have to see either of you for two monthes." She sighed.

    "either of you?" Damien mumbled to himself.

    "Aww Janis you don't really mean that." I smiled and pulled my knees up to my chin. "Well him maybe but I bring joy to your life....right?"

    "Of course you do Poisyn......everyone needs a spoiled little vampire to drain the life outta you." Damien started laughing. I frowned at him. "I'm joking huney your one of the best students a teacher could ask for...just show up to class a little earlier..."

    "Yes ma'm" I looked at the clock.'10 more minutes'

    "I'm a good student too" Damien had stopped laughing.

    "sure you are" I mumbled

    "I am" He turned towards me and crossed his arms.

    "I totally believe you." I gave him a half--fanged smile.

    "hmhm sure you do." I smiled right back.

    "Ok Poisyn you can go." Janis marked off my name. "I'll probably see you tomorrow."

    "Like normal. Bye Janis." I opened the door and was about to walk out when I stopped. "oh yeah bye Damien." I closed the door and walked down the hall.