• "Good morning Konta," Wynter said cheerfully.
    "what the f**k are you doing in my room!" Konta yelled.
    "I've been here since yesterday! you let me and Ryne stay with you,"Wynter screamed.
    I woke up with jump.
    "What? Who are they?" I exclaimed pointing at Wynter and Ryne.
    "Aperntly you two don't remmber. Are you guys drunk?" Ryne asked.
    "S**t, what drunk? ya maybe I am," Konta said sturnly.
    ".....Konta....." I whined.
    Konta looked over to me.
    " Ok, Konta you're drunk, koni your stoned," Wynter stated.
    "Whats that sussposed to mean?" I replaid glaring at Konta.
    Konta started to stummble around.
    Ryne sighed then smiled.
    "you two are funny," Ryne said stareing at Konta then to me.
    "I'M A HOMO!" I yelled.
    "Ryne your stoned too," Wynter said laughing a little.
    "well....your drunk Wynter," Ryne replaid.
    " I'M NOT HIGH!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.
    everyone stared at me.
    "Yes you are, and so am I," Ryne stated winking at me.
    "I am not...," I mummbled Stating to cry.
    " It's ok hun," Konta said kissing me on the lips.
    "o.....k......," Wynter replaid stareing at us like we were naked chicks rapeing each other.
    "THATS HOT!" Ryne yelled.
    Still crying I mummerd a quiet "Thanks."
    Konta raped his arms around my waste.
    "THATS HOT TOO!" Ryne yelled louder.
    "Ya and your sexy," I replaid calmly, tears starting to fade from my eyes.
    "No Koni your sexy," Konta said.
    "ooo, do you like me?" Ryne asked as she stepped forward.
    "Hell no!," I yelled as I hide behind Konta.
    Konta reached behind himself and grabbed my a**.
    looked down then said, "pervert."
    " It's ok I have some one," Ryne replaid as she smiled t Wynter.
    Wynter laughed and exclaimed, "you know I like Trans as a friend!"
    " What the hell are you B*****s talking about?!" Konta asked in a rude tone.
    "KONTA! be nice," I said as I kissed the back of his neck.
    "Your kinky Koni," Konta said as he spinned around and Baried his hands in my hair kissing me romanticly.
    "Don't worry we're only bi," Ryne stated.
    "good thing your not racest," I replaid cheerfully.
    "Ya," Wynter said running her hands through Rynes hair.
    "Awwww how cute," I Mummered smiling a Ryne.
    Konta raped his arms around my shoulders.
    " If you where strait would you tell me? " Konta asked.
    " he'll never be," Ryne giggled.
    Konta reached over and slaped Rynes a**.
    I rolled my eyes.
    "Hey thats gross!" wynter said as she slaped Rynes a** twice.
    "IS THIS A SLAP FEST?!" Ryne bursted.
    Wynter slapped her a** again then yelled, "yes!"
    "I FELL LIKE A STRIPPER!" I yelled out.
    " Thats rare," Konta said as he pushed me into a wall.
    "you BOTH ARE STRIPPERS!!!" Ryne boasted.
    "I'm a striper," Wynter said raising her hand.
    Wynter started to unzip her sweat shirt.
    "Konta not Now!" I yelled as Konta pressed his lips to my neck, and ran his fingers down my chest.
    "Thats HOT!" Ryne yelled as she kissed Wynter putting her hands through her hair.
    " Koni your my sexy b***h," Konta said before he started to make out with me.

    to be continued....