• it was 5:00 in the noon when nanash iwoke up with tashi..
    Nanashi; iam not a moring person
    tashi:hmm..what..[half sleeping]
    nanashi: ok i guess we go pick up mr. look at me i am better then u all haha head vampire
    tashi: what's so bad bout him nanashi i never met him
    nanashi surprised h u will meet him, i mean it too, he's no good some thing, he's rich and he's in love with his own sister and he has royal blood and a good swordsman and leader of the vampires, he 's the best so far i think, he been the leader since i was a vampire or something...
    Tashi surprised h ok i kinda don't get it still, u confuse me u know that???
    nanashi:no i did'nt know
    nanashi: any way lets go ok
    so nanashi and tashi got dress and ate some food and left the house and they went to the docks by the sea shore and waited to see if the boat came in with thagi on board.
    Nanashi: now tashi the head vampire's name is hagi vendez and he got back from a big fight, so whatever u do don't go near him because i smell trouble
    Tashi surprised h hey is that him
    there was a boat coming in and there was a man on board of the ship, waving at nanashi
    nanashi:that must be him
    the boat landed at the docks safe, the man that was waving came off the boat, it was hagi vendez, he was tall and handsome, his eyes were like the moon but shape like a hawk's eye there were a golden yellow color to some what deep purple or blue[his eyes changes colors to yellow to blue] his fangs kinda sticks out alittle, he was dress like a royal prince, his hair long wavy and black, his nails are long and black, he has this smile that kinda look a bit like a grim, the way he looks at u, u get lost in his eyes as if he control your soul.
    Nanashi: hi hagi this is my cousin tashi, we came to pick u up
    Hagi: oh nanashi how nice to meet u, been so long
    hagi's voice was deep like brad pitt's voice[actor] mix with davey havok's voice[leader singer from afi] and sweet as ejion woods's voice[actor/sorry for mispelled]and orandlo bloom's voice[actor] as well.
    Hagi surprised h so u are tashi youkai how nice to meet u, u are nanashi cousin yes?
    tashi: yes uh head vampire
    Hagi:please called me hagi, my dear lily
    Hagi:so should we head back home where all the vampires wait even my dear sister who kinda a twin but not really, haha
    Nanahi:i already starting to hate this guy....
    Tashi:i don't see anything wrong with him nanashi, he looks like he wants a good time since he came back from a fight would u nanashi?
    nanashi: i guess so

    so after the talk, they left the docks and headed to the head vampire place for a while which there was a party there waiting for there return.

    while at the party nanashi was talking to kiyo how and why he can't stand hagi, and after a couple mins pass by, nanashi notices tashi in a pink kiomono and how she started to dance and she was singing her was was like a angel[mix of evanscene,utau form shugo chara and moka who did lilum song for elfen lied and hikara utada and the singer who did hot'n cold, and aqua and toybox and the singer who did i wish i had a angel,] her voice was like heaven on earth, anashi felt as if he was dreaming, the party went on all night till dawn