• A/N: Okay, here’s a one-shot of IchigoxOrihime, but keep in mind I went to the beginning of the Bleach manga (oh, have the drawings changed!) and this is how I felt of Orihime at the time. She has grown up so she might be a good match now for Ichigo. Those who act stupid actually have complicated hearts (or maybe I just look into things too much).

    “Rain again?” Orihime stared out the window, her gaze drifting to the night sky. She opened the window and felt the mist of rain against her skin. She reached out the window, trying to grab at something that was there, but her hand couldn’t reach it. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t hold onto Ichigo’s heart.

    She flexed her fingers as the gentle rain kept falling onto her hand and she gave a sad smile. A sudden noise came from below and she pulled her arm back in so that she could lean out the window. She could see a red umbrella and…orange hair!

    Oh! Orihime felt her heart skip a beat and she felt guilty for being happy when she knew rain caused Ichigo pain, but she couldn’t help it. She just wanted to hold him tightly, to remove his silent burden that he carried.

    “Ichi-!” Orihime began happily when another voice cut her off.

    “Ichigo, you fool! I told you not go around mindlessly! There’s a Hollow nearby!”

    “Shut up, Rukia! I know! Quit yelling will ya?”

    Oh…”It’s Rukia,” Orihime whispered sadly and she ducked back inside quietly, sliding down the wall. She held her hands in her lap and she could feel the tears coming.

    She felt bad. She was jealous, she knew that. Rukia suddenly appeared and was able to get close to Ichigo- it felt so unfair. She wanted Ichigo to happy, truly she did, with all her heart, but there was that part of her heart that cried out, “Why Rukia? Why not me?!”

    Orihime curled up, hugging her knees tightly. Feeling sympathy towards the person you cared about wasn’t kindness, she knew that too well. She had no right to feel anything towards him when she couldn’t even say how she really felt.

    I want to see him.

    She quietly got up and walked to the door, dazed. She wasn’t sure why she was doing this, she just let her feet carry her away. It’s strange. Why does love make you like this? Did she really love Ichigo? If she did, shouldn’t she be able to let him go and be happy?

    Of course she could.

    But she wouldn’t.

    She was just too stubborn to let it end like that and let him go. She wanted to make him smile, to make him laugh, to hold him. Many nights she would lie there in that silent room as loneliness and emptiness filled her broken heart to the very top. She wanted him there- she didn’t even care if he sat in a corner and ignored her, that would be fine. She just wanted him there, that’s all.

    Orihime stopped and stared at the puddle beneath her. It moved from the drops of rain that fell hard and so did the tears. She tightly closed her eyes, but the tears refused to stop.

    She really was selfish, only wanting Ichigo to just see her.

    Orihime covered her face with her hands and crouched down, sobbing. She wanted to be the only one he would ever need or want in his life. This love she felt made her feel guilty with loneliness and burdened with shame. This love made her think selfishly, but…she…she just felt so lonely. Oh, she wanted to be with him so bad that it was to the point of breaking her apart.


    She jumped up and turned to see Ichigo standing in front of her. She waved her hands and laughed,” Look, Ichigo! Isn’t this a lovely night? So many puddles to splash in!”
    She splashed in the puddle and Ichigo moved toward her, sheltering her with his umbrella.

    She looked up, “Ichigo..?”

    “You’ll catch a cold,” he turned toward the road and glared, “Let’s move away from the street.”

    She silently moved away, “I’ll walk you home,” he said and all she could do was look down, ashamed. What about Rukia? Was she home safely now? Was he just being kind now because he happened to walking back home and her here?...Would he have gone looking for her?

    “Ichigo, I-!” Orihime turned to face him, but then became quiet. His gaze was forward as if he was somewhere else. She bit her lip and looked down, angry for judging his actions and sad that she didn’t know why he wouldn’t talk about what was on his mind. Didn’t he want others to understand or care?
    Why did he have to hold everything inside? Wasn’t he lonely?

    She really didn’t understand him as much as she thought. What was she doing wrong? Why wasn’t she-?


    That’s right. She gave a sad smile at the realization. It made sense now why the two has become so close. All this time Orihime was trying to understand Ichigo she became blind to what really mattered. Unlike her, Rukia wasn’t trying to force herself into his heart, Rukia just watched over him.

    Ah, so that’s why. Maybe love doesn’t always mean you have to understand that person or care for them, maybe…just being there. To watch and support that person, always. Maybe that’s what love really is.

    “Ichigo…thank you.”


    Orihime looked up at him with a smile, “I promise to be better. I’ll do my best too.” Yes, I will. Maybe not now, but maybe later I can be that special someone to you.


    “I mean,” she waved her hands,” Leek! I’ll get better at it! Ahaha!”

    Ichigo gave her a strange look, but went back to being stone-faced, “Look, just go get changed. You’ll catch a cold.”

    Orihime gave a smile and blushed, tears forming in her eyes, “You’re always so kind, Ichigo. Thank you.”

    He turned away and began to walk off,” I’ll pick you up again if it rains.”

    Huh…?Oh! That’s right-school. I see, so that’s how Ichigo is. I think I’ll be able to see on his level someday. Orihime giggled,” Okay!”

    ~Maybe not now, but definitely later, I’ll become that special person in your life. Promise.~


    A/N: Oh, I can hear the cries of protest! I know it’s not that good cause I’m not really a huge fan of this pairing, but I did it for a dear psycho writer of mine. Don’t worry the others will be good!