• Chapter 2
    *Hidan/Kakuzu/Itachi/Kisame/Tobi/Zetsu's house*
    "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!" Tobi yelled running through the halls of the house.
    Hidan groaned and hot out of bed. He then stuck his head out the door.
    "When needs an alarm clock when you've got Tobi..." Kakuzu mumbled also sticking his head out the door.
    "No kidding..." Hidan siad and went back into his room to get on his uniform.
    Kakuzu did the same.
    Itachi sat up in his bed and groaned. He stood up and shuffled over to his dresser to get his uniform.
    Kisame yawned and layed in his bed.
    "I don't wanna get up...well...I guess I should..." Kisame thought.
    He then rolled off his bd and landed with a big thump.
    "Owwww..."He groaned.
    He then slowly got up and walked over to his dresser to get his uniform.
    "What was that hm?" Deidara said and quickly shot up.
    He looked around but saw nothing.
    "Must've been Kisame waking up" Deidara thought and got out of bed. "I might as well get dressed since I'm up..."
    Deidara then walked over to his dresser to get his uniform.
    Sasori sat in his bed and stared at the wall.
    "Guess I should move now..." Sasori thought.
    He was already awake an hour before Tobi's wake up call. He got out of bed and went to his dresser.
    "Looks like it's time to get up now" The White half of Zetsu said.
    "Yep" The Black half said.
    Zetsu got up and grabbed his head piece and went to grab his uniform.
    Later everyone was gathered at the dinning room. Kisame walked out of the kitchen and placed a pile of waffles on the table.
    "Tobi made fruit salad!" Tobi said putting fruit on the table.
    Kisame came back and put condiments on the table. Then him and Tobi sat down.
    "Why are we going to school again?" Hidan asked.
    "It's required that we do..." Kakuzu said and finished eating.
    Hidan sighed and finished along with the others. Then they all grabbed their bakpacks and left for school.