• My willpower got away from me a while ago. I guess I really ought to keep it on a shorter leash. Willpower is a pretty crazy pet, when I can keep a hold on him, he drags me around all over the place at crazy speeds; its because willpower lives on incentive, which has a lot of energy in it. Anyway, I guess I did something wrong, because now willpower has run away.

    This happens sometimes, it’s really nothing to worry about, I know willpower will come back eventually, but I get so used to willpower carrying me everywhere that it gets really hard to move and do stuff when he runs away. I never quite realise how much willpower does for me until he gets away; willpower helps me control what I say and he’s great at helping me get stuff done, too. It’s really easy to forget to do things properly when willpower is missing, that gets me in trouble a lot.

    I’m not mad, though, I know willpower doesn’t mean to hurt me when he runs away, but the thing is, willpower is best friends with energy, and so energy often runs off with him when willpower leaves, and without both of them, I usually end up like this, lying down still in my pyjamas, talking about the reason I find it so hard to move and study. I could put up a wanted poster so that maybe someone could return it to me, but willpower is invisible, so its hard to describe what people should look for.

    I just really hope those two come back soon.