• Chapter 4
    The sun shone through the single window. I got up to get dressed. Alex stayed laying down, watching me. I felt like a gazelle the way I spun around the room. Once I was fully clothed, Alex got up and went to the door. He pounded on it a few times, and the guards slid clean clothes into the room.
    He got dressed and suddenly appeared next to me.
    "Sooner or later, I'm going to end up calling you a stalker," I said. He chuckled and put his arms around my waist.
    There was a knock at the door, and it swung open. A vampire pair stepped into the room.
    "It's time to hunt," said the bigger of the two.
    He gave us wristbands to put on, then led us to the woods.
    "Stay clear of the river. Too many humans there. You might attract attention," he said. Then, he and the other vampire stalked off towards the base.
    "Kait..." Alex said, kneeling before me,"I love you. And I want you to have something." He took a little black object from his pocket and opened it. I gasped. Resting in between the box's cushions, was a little ring.
    "It's a promise ring," he said, taking the ring out of the tiny black box. He slipped it onto my finger.
    "Thank you," I said.
    "You're welcome," he said. He took my hand and tugged gently. "Let's hunt." He pulled me into a deeper part of the woods.

    We stopped at a giant oak tree. I sniffed at the air and crouched into a hunting position. I could smell the hot blood on my prey.
    "Grizzly," I whispered. Alex nodded.
    I sank closer to the ground and stalked forward. I slithered around the tree and saw it. The huge bear was ripping berries off the branch of a small bush.
    I launched myself at the bear. It shrieked in terror and ran in circles, trying to shake me off.
    I bit him and he fell. Alex came over to help me. We drained the bear together, party quenching our thirsts.
    My head snapped up. A new scent was poisoning the air. Humans.
    "Alex," I gasped. He looked up too, searching for the threat. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.
    "Come on!" I whispered. He hesitated for a minute, but ran after me. I ducked into the bushes and he followed. We watched as the human stepped into the clearing. He walked around for a while. He then gasped in horror.
    The hunter walked over to our kill. He examined the bear, completely unaware of the vampires hiding in the bushes.
    The sun shone through the trees. He looked at a shimmering object on the ground and picked it up.
    "My ring," I groaned. Alex covered my mouth. I glared at him.
    "Who's there?" The human shouted. We didn't answer. Alex pulled me back towards the base. I stepped on a twig, which snapped, causing the hunter to react. He man aimed his rifle. Alex started to run and I followed. The hunter fired and followed his shot. He swiped his arm on a nearby tree.
    "Damn it!" he snapped. I stopped running. The air reaked of human blood. I sprung up to a high branch of a tree. The hunter was bandaging up his cut with a vine and some leaves. I crouched and jumped to a different branch.
    I landed on a thin branch. Oops. The branch snapped and I fell to the ground. The man raised his gun. I hissed and cursed.
    "Hello?" the man said. He poked me with his rifle and I lunged for his throat.