• I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was just sitting in my room when I heard the front door burst open. It was all-quiet in the house; my mom and dad went to the store while my brother was sleeping over at his friend’s house. It was becoming Christmas so I was the one who had to stay home and decorate while everyone else got to go out. Christmas vacation was my favorite because you get to be with your family. My family didn’t like Christmas vacation because that meant they had to actually pretend they love me. Home wasn’t my favorite place. On occasion I would live there but most of the time I lived with friends.
    I sat at the computer desk doing my homework, when that one moment I had wished never happened came. My mom was downstairs making dinner, my dad sat on the couch reading the newspaper and my brother…well he was being a dill hole. I had so much homework to do because I was slacking off in school. I use to be a straight A student until the pain started.
    “Mom can you help me?” I called from the top of the stairs. There was no answer from her.
    “Mom?” “Dad?”
    Nobody had moved or anything. “Cline?” My brother always comes out and screams at me when I need help. But he didn’t even do that. I walked down 3 stairs when I looked around and didn’t see anybody.
    “Hello?” I walked further. I saw a shadow in the kitchen. It was a woman’s figure. “Mom?” I walked to the kitchen. “OH MY GOD!” I screamed in horror. My mom was hanging from the ceiling fan. I started to cry. Where was my dad and Cline? Are they dead to?
    I walked into my parent’s bedroom to see my dad lying motionless on the bed. There was blood everywhere. Who could have to done this? I walked out with tears just pouring down. Cline was the only one left, I walked into his bedroom but didn’t see anything out of place, and the only thing missing was Cline.
    “Cline where are you?” I whispered. I heard a thump in the closet. “Cline is that you?” I walked towards the noise. I slid open the closet, then I saw a shoe. “CLINE!” I sighed in relief. He wasn’t dead.
    “Alieo what happened?” He hugged me. Cline was Thirteen years old, I really disliked him until this happened, I cared for him. He was too young to die.
    “I don’t know.”
    “Can we leave?”
    “Yes!” I had been waiting for him to ask that.
    “Okay.” We grabbed some clothes and put them in a suitcase. He walked to the garage and waited for me.
    I dialed Cleo’s number but he didn’t answer. I walked to the car and drove us away from the house. I thought this would be a great Christmas after all of these years that I wished my parents were dead it finally happened now I regret ever wishing it.
    “Hey. You called?” Cleo laughed.
    “This isn’t a time to laugh…I need to stay at your house for a while.” I was so angry.
    “Why? What happened?” His voice was hard and cold.
    “Can I stay with you for a while?”
    “Yes…tell me what happened!” He was now worried.
    “I will when I get there.” I hung up and drove faster.
    “Alieo what happened?”
    “Cline I don’t know. You should know, you were the one who was downstairs with them. I was writing my essay.” I yelled at him. Tears started to form in his eyes.
    -Long pause-
    “He looked very familiar.” Cline finally said.
    “When we get to Cleo’s house you have to tell me what he looked like so we can report him to the police.” I turned the radio on. A mans voice came on.
    “Hello Cline and Alieo.” His voice was deep and hard. I gasped. I knew who it was. I turned the radio off but the voice was still talking.
    “You can’t run away forever. I will find you, you will pay for what you did to me.” The man was Reagan. I killed his family 3 years ago because they were vampires. I left Reagan alive because he wasn’t one of them.
    We got to Cleo’s. I grabbed the suitcase and we walked up to the door.
    “Who is it?” Cleo’s brother yelled.
    “Alieo and Cline.” I said.
    The door opened and he let us in without another word. Cleo was my best friend; we’ve known each other since the third grade. I remember when I hated him the first time I saw him but then when he kissed me on the cheek on the day we graduated third grade I loved him.
    “ALIEO!!!” Cleo hugged me. His big arms and chest were squishing me.
    “Its nice to see you too?” I was so confused on why he was so happy.
    “Let me take your bag.” We talked on the way to my room. “Tell me everything that happened.
    I told him about my parents being killed and then hearing Reagan’s voice on the radio.
    “Are you serious? Awe you poor thing.” He hugged me again. I cried in his chest.
    “I regret ever wishing that my parents would die.” I laughed slightly.
    “Its okay, all kids wish their parents would die, well only when their parents are pushing it like yours did.”
    We talked for at least an hour when his parents came home with groceries.
    “Alieo its good to see you again.” His mother hugged me. Her skinny body looked like it was going to fall into dust if I touched her.
    “Its nice to see you again too.” I pulled away. “Hi Mr. Lang.” I smiled at Cleo’s dad.
    “Welcome. Why are you here?” He seemed odd today. He had dark skin a couple of weeks ago and now he is pail.
    “Umm.well I don’t want you guys to totally freak out…” I almost started to cry just thinking about my parents being killed.
    “Mom, dad today is not a good day to talk about this.” Cleo took me into his room.
    “Cleo I can’t believe this happened.” I put my head on his shoulder.
    “Well my friend is having a party tonight do you want to go?” He grabbed my chin.
    “Sure…I haven’t been to a party in ages.” I smiled.
    I looked him in the eyes. I wanted to be with this boy forever. He was so sweet and innocent. He had the heart of a kid but the body of a man. We were both 17 and we were planning on getting an apartment together.
    “Alieo can I tell you something?” He frowned. I knew that this was going to be serious.
    “Sure. What is it?”
    He put his serious face on. “Why do you act the way you do when you are around me?”
    “Tell me why! I would really like to know!” He put his hand on my face and brought me closer.
    “I just don’t like to be myself when I’m around you.”
    “Because if I act the way I am then you wouldn’t want me to be around. I’m really annoying. Trust me I lost a lot of friends because of it.” I pulled away from him.
    He stood up. I all of a sudden realized that he didn’t smell the same.
    “Are you wearing different cologne?”
    “No…I never wear cologne.” He laughed at me.
    “You smell different.” I started to sniff him.
    “Stop.” He walked out the door.
    I wondered why he did that. He was acting different.

    I walked into Cleo’s room but he wasn’t there.
    “Hey do you know where Cleo is?” I asked his mom.
    “He went to the park why?”
    “Well I need to talk to him.” I smiled and walked back out of his house. I walked to the park and saw a man that looked that Cleo walking away.
    “CLEO WAIT!!!” I screamed.
    “What do you want?”
    “I need to see you in your actual form.” I begged him.
    “When did you find out that I wasn’t human?”
    “I was researching on your family tree and I found out that you were born one thousand years ago.” I paused and took a breath. “I am pretty sure that you would be rotting in your grave if you were one thousand years old.”
    He looked up at the moon then looked back at me and smiled. “Fine you want to see my true form then I’ll show you.” He bent down and stayed in that position for a good 10 minutes. Then started to scream.
    “Cleo are you okay?” I touched his shoulder. He growled and nipped at me.
    “Run away!” He told me in a whisper.
    “No…I want to see what you really are.”
    He looked up and I saw his body start to change. He was a werewolf.
    “Wow your beautiful.” I touched his whole body. The fur was so soft.
    “Why didn’t you run when I told you too?”
    “Why would I run?”
    “Because I could kill you.” He walked away from me.
    “Cleo. I deserved to know what you are.” I grabbed his wrist.
    He turned and growled right in my face. His breath was cold; when he talked his voice was hard. Heat would come off of him if he was angry.
    I smiled and hugged him. “You could never hurt me even if you tried.”
    “I will. Please stay away.”
    I held onto him. He started to sing my lullaby. I closed my eyes as he sang. His voice was so beautiful.
    I never wanted to lose him, he was everything to me. After I thought about things I started to feel a stabbing pain in my side.
    “Ow.” I looked down to see his claws digging into my hips. “Stop it.” I tried to pull away but he kept a hold of me. “Cleo that hurts.” I started to cry.
    “LET GO OF HER!” I heard a very sexy voice yell from the other side of the field.
    “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do with the one I love!” Cleo turned and stood in front of me.
    “Cleo don’t start that.” I had tears in my eyes.
    “Don’t start what?” He turned back to me.
    “That whole love deal.” I got in his face.
    “What love deal?” He backed away.
    I laughed and started to walk towards him again.
    “Stay away from me!!!” He ran away. I started to laugh harder.
    “I thought you wanted to be with me you sissy!!!” I kept walking to him.
    “I don’t want to be with you anymore, your ugly, rude, stupid and I hate you!!” He ran out of the park and into the forest.

    I started to cry and got to my knees. Where is he? I can’t believe I just made him hate me! I broke down completely. The man that was on the other side of the field ran over to me.
    “Are you okay?” He asked.
    I looked up to see Chris. “Ya I’m fine.”
    He walked me to my house and watched me sleep. I was so tired. He sat on the edge of my bed rubbing my leg. He was as beautiful as Cleo. I wanted him now but Cleo was my best friend and I would hate to lose him again.
    The night went on as we layed there.

    Cleo was my best friend HE WAS MY EVERYTHING I couldn’t bare to lose him until last night. He was gone when that boy came to me. What was his name? He wasn’t there when I got to the park. Why was he so beautiful?
    “Wake up!” A very familiar voice said to me.
    “Hmm?” I opened my eyes a little to see my father standing before me. “Your alive?” I had tears streaming down my face.
    “I never died sweetie.” He kissed my forehead and walked downstairs.
    Oh my god I was in my house again.
    “Mom?” I walked down two stairs and heard her laugh. “Mom you’re alive too?”
    She smiled showing her beautiful teeth. “Of course I am. Why would I be dead?”
    “I found you hanging from the ceiling fan.” I started to cry even harder.
    “Baby! What is the matter with you?” she and my father hugged me.
    “Your dead, I know it.” I pushed them away.
    “What is wrong sis?” Cline stood behind me.
    “You saw it happen Cline. Tell them that this is just a dream!” I screamed in his face.

    Dream ends:
    “You were dreaming.” I heard that boy say next to my ear.
    “What?” I turned to face him. “What are you doing here? Wait what am I doing here?” I looked around. I didn’t recognize the room.
    “Your at my house.”
    “Who are you?”
    “My name is Charlie.”
    He was so beautiful. His skin was soft; his eyes were a beautiful blue. When I looked at him I thought I was looking into the ocean. Yes he was that beautiful.
    “Hi Charlie. You probably know who I Am.” I blushed at him.
    “Yes you are Alieo. I have known you since Pre School.” He frowned. “I remember the last day you ever talked to me.”
    “I don’t remember you Charlie.” I had no idea what he was talking about.
    “Don’t you remember a little boy with dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes stealing your sixth birthday cookie?” he gave me those big eyes.
    “What?” I finally knew what he was talking about. “I have always hated you since then.” I got out of the bed and walked out of the room.
    “Alieo im sorry about that, I was so hungry, I needed something to eat.” He grabbed my wrist.
    “NO! it was for me. That was the only good birthday I had and you ruined it for me.” I pulled away. “Just leave me alone.”
    “No. I stayed here for you and im going to until you stop hating me.” He grabbed my wrist again.
    “Stay away from me!” I ran away.
    “Come back here!” He ran after me.
    “Charlie I have hated you since that day and I will never forget it.”
    “And I will never regret ever taking it,”
    “When will you?”
    “The day you forgive me.”
    “Which will be never.” I said in my sarcastic voice.
    He laughed and hugged me. “Do you know how long its been since I last saw you?”
    “How long?”
    “Seven years.” He sounded upset.
    “Holy crap it’s been that long?” I looked up at him. He had small tears running down his cheeks. I started to feel bad.
    “Where are your parents Charlie?”
    “When did they die?”
    “Right after your parents moved you away.” He grabbed my chin. “Alieo I regret taking your birthday cookie.” He kissed me lightly on the lips.

    Cleo’s point of the eye:
    He kissed her. She wrapped her arms around his neck just to make the kiss deeper.
    “Charlie I forgive you…kind of.” She smiled at him.
    Why was she being this way? Didn’t she love me? Doesn’t she want me instead of that a**?? Did I scare her when I turned? No cause she would have ran away! Why was she doing this to me? There is no point in living when you can’t have alieo. =(
    “What the hell do you think your doing with her?” I said behind him.
    She gasped and looked at me. “Cleo what are you doing here?”
    “I came back for you.” He smiled. “But I see you’re too busy for me now.” I took a few steps back still looking at her horrified face.
    “Cline, how dare you say that! I care for you so much.” She just stood there. Her eyes were full of tears.
    “NO!! YOU DON’T CARE FOR ME ANYMORE!!” I looked away. Why am I saying this to her? I looked back up and she was right in front of me.
    “Cline nobody could ever take your place.” She kissed me softly but firmly.
    I ran away from her once again. What was I thinking coming back to her? How stupid of me! I have to go back home.

    Alieo’s point of The Eye:
    That was the last time I saw him. He was out of my life forever. I turned towards Charlie.
    “YOU!” I walked to him very pissed.
    “What the hell did I do?”
    “Its all your fault that the man I love left. That was the last time I will ever see him.”
    “I think you need to see something.” He grabbed my wrist and jumped on to the trees.
    An hour later we stopped moving. He made me look down at the village below us.
    “What is this?” They were burning alive humans.
    “This is your ‘lovers’ home. This is what he does when he isn’t with you!”
    “Are you serious?” I was horrified by what I was seeing.
    “Yes…” He paused “I’m sorry you had to see this.”
    “Why are you showing me this?”
    “I thought you had a right to know what was going on.” He held me close to him.
    “No. He wouldn’t do this. He is smarter and better than this.”
    He pointed to the one that stuck out. It was Cleo.
    “Oh my god he is doing this!” I screamed. It was meant to be a whisper but it didn’t come out like it.
    Cleo looked up and laughed. “So your little lover boy showed you my secret, eh?” He was in my face in a second.
    “Cleo how could you do this?” I smacked him across the face. “I thought you were better than this!” I wanted to rip off his head.
    “Your making me do this!” He smacked me back.
    “HEY!” Charlie screamed in his face. They became chest to chest. “Don’t you dare put your hands on her.”
    “HEY! Don’t tell me what to do dip s**t!” He pushed Charlie across the trees.
    “STOP IT! I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE TWO STUPID BOYS FIGHTING OVER ME!” I got in the middle of them. They were ready to rip each other’s heads off.
    “Why? I thought you liked it.” They both said.
    “I only like it when it is about something stupid. This time you guys are being serious.” I grabbed both of their faces.
    “Let us go.” They both said again.
    “Listen to me… I am sick of listening to you guys b***h. It isn’t funny. Just be friends. Please.” I gave them both those big eyes.
    “Fine… If he agrees then I agree.” Charlie said with a smirk.
    “Fine but she is mine.” Cleo wrapped his arms around me.
    I laughed and kissed his neck.
    “HEY!!!” Charlie screamed.
    “Don’t even start.” I got in his face. “Go home Charlie and don’t come back.”
    “But I thought you said you weren’t mad at me anymore!” He got sad.
    “I only said that because I didn’t know what else to say. Now go home.” I pushed him away and turned towards Cleo.
    “Come on.” He put his arm over my shoulders and we walked away. I turned my head to see if Charlie was still watching. He wasn’t. He was walking away with his head down in shame. I started to feel bad. I’ll forgive him one day.
    Cleo looked down and smiled. “I’m so glad you came back.”
    “Me too.” I smiled back.
    When we got to his house I crashed on the couch not caring about who saw me.
    “Goodnight!” Cleo kissed me and walked up to his room. When he started to snore softly I walked up to his bedroom, cracked open the door and looked at him. He was so beautiful when he slept. I walked in, go under the blankets and curled up next to him.
    He turned around and put his arm around my waist. I got closer to him and closed my eyes. I could tell he was smiling and closed his eyes as well. We layed peacefully until he stood up.
    “Where are you going?” I watched him.
    “I don’t know if I can do this with you.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “I don’t think right now is the right time to be all lovey dovey.” He grabbed a gun out of his dresser.
    “What are you doing?” I started to panic.
    “It’s about time you left.” He laughed.

    I jumped off the couch screaming.
    “CLEO!!!” I ran in his bedroom.
    “What? What happened?” He held me in his arms.
    “Your not going to shoot me are you?” I said looking at him.
    “Of course not. Why would I?”
    “I had a dream that you did! I’m afraid of dying. It’s my worst fear!” I laughed at my silliness.
    “I would never hurt you unless it was play full.” He softly hit my arm.
    I grabbed his hand and twisted it.
    “OWWW!” He screamed in pain. I laughed and let go.
    “Did that seriously hurt?” I was laughing so hard I started to cry.
    “I barely twisted it.” I finally stopped laughing so hard.
    “Oh… well it still hurt.” He gave me a nuggie of the head.
    “That doesn’t hurt you loser!” I said starting to laugh hard.
    “Nothing ever hurts you.” He said hugging me again.
    I fell back on the bed and closed my eyes. “Please promise to never hurt me again.” I grabbed his hand.
    “I promise.” He kissed up my arm and layed next to me. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    I woke up the next morning to find him not there. I started to worry.
    “Cleo??” I called from upstairs.
    “I’m down here.” He called.
    I sighed and walked to him. “Have you seen Cline?”
    “No… he ran away after you left.” His smile went to a frown.
    “NO!!!” I grabbed my cell phone and called him.

    (“Hello?” He answered quietly.
    “Where the hell are you?”
    “I’m with a friend.” He paused to breath. “Why does it matter to you?”
    “Get your a** back here to Cleo’s!” I was so angry but then I was upset. I was upsery (angry and upset).
    “No. I don’t need you anymore.”
    “Who are you going to live with?”
    “Charlie.” He hung up.
    I had tears in my eyes every time that name came up. I called him again and he answered.
    “What the hell do you want?”
    “Mom and dad aren’t dead!”
    “Yes they are. I saw them!!”
    “That was a dream. I know what im talking about, I saw them.”
    “You need to get some mental help.” He started to cry.
    “Baby please come back.” I begged him.
    “Fine, but you have to promise not to leave me.”
    “I didn’t mean to.” I laughed and he laughed with me then hung up.)

    “Are you aliens?” Cleo asked.
    “No why?”
    “You were speaking a totally different language.”
    “He is a hybrid and I am a vampire. We speak two different languages.” I laughed.
    “Im confused.” He layed down on the couch.
    “Im sorry did I do something?” I jumped on top of him.
    “No… can I ask you a question?”
    “Can I kiss you?”
    He grabbed my chin and pulled my face closer to his. I felt my cheeks start to burn. His lips softly touched mine.
    Oh my GOD! This boy was an amazing kisser.
    “Remember that party you said you would go with me to?”
    “Ya, why?”
    “Do you want to go to it tonight?”
    “Great.” He kissed me again and walked out the door smiling.
    I screamed and fell to the floor crying.
    “What is it?” Cleo ran out. He looked and saw me hugging Cline.
    “Cline. Oh my god I miss you so much.” I hugged him tightly.
    He had one arm around me. “I missed you Alieo.”
    “I am so sorry for leaving you.” I kissed his forehead. “Your all dirty. Go take a shower and put new clothes on.” I pushed him towards the bathroom.
    “Well looks like it’s just us now.” Cleo put his arms around me.
    “Actually it’s just you.” I walked into my bedroom.
    “THAT WASN’T VERY NICE!!!!!” He screamed.
    “Nobody said I was nice.” I laughed and got in new clothes.
    I put on a pair of lime green skinny jeans with an white all time low shirt, yellow and black checkered flats. My hair was in a ponytail, I put in my lip ring and my pink bellybutton piercing. My makeup was bright blue and green. I walked out of my room and my brother and Cleo whistled.
    I started to blush. “Are you guys ready to go?”
    “Go where??” Cline looked at me funny.
    “Me, you, and Cleo are going for a trip.” I laughed.
    “Can we go to Las Vegas?”
    “Sure. I want to get out of here.” I laughed harder.
    “Okay your drunk so im driving.” Cleo picked me up and over his shoulder. He took me to the car and put me into the passenger seat.
    “I am not drunk.” I was still laughing trying really hard to be serious.
    “I don’t believe you.” He got in the drivers seat after he buckled Cline’s seatbelt.
    “IM NOT!” But he completely ignored me.
    I turned on the radio and changed it 107.9. My favorite song was on.

    “ITS JUST ME!” By Escape The Fate
    “I'm creeping my way out so you can see me
    I'm crawling my way around 1,000 cities
    You all stop and stare, I don't need your pity
    I'm living my life in this hell

    Now I'm crawling away cuz the stress has killed me
    I feel like I fell from a 10 story building
    Best run and hide before the devil starts forbidding
    I'm living my life in this hell

    I'm not one for the crowd to see
    It's just me
    It's just...

    Just a little more, come on and satisfy me
    Just a little more, come on and terrify me
    Just a little more and I'll be done with it
    Take my life and then I'll feel okay

    Cut it out of my mouth
    Put my tongue on a pole
    I won't sing any more
    I'm losing control

    Cut it out of my mouth
    Put my tongue on a pole
    Take the air from my lungs
    Take the heart from my soul

    I'm not one for the crowd to see
    It's just me
    It's just...

    Just a little more, come on and satisfy me
    Just a little more, come on and terrify me
    Just a little more and I'll be done with it
    Take my life and then I'll feel okay

    I'll feel okay

    Cut it out of my mouth
    Put my tongue on a pole
    I won't sing any more
    I'm losing control

    Cut my tears of the sound
    The erosion of my soul
    I won't sing any more

    I'm creeping my way out so you can see me
    I'm crawling my way around 1,000 cities
    You all stop and stare, I don't need your pity
    I'm living my life in this hell

    Just a little more, come on and satisfy me
    Just a little more, come on and terrify me
    Just a little more and I'll be done with it
    Take my life and then I'll feel okay

    Just a little more, come on and satisfy me
    Just a little more, come on and terrify
    Just a little more and I'll be done with it
    Take my life and then I'll feel
    Take my life and then I'll feel
    Take my life and then I'll feel okay”
    I was singing along until it ended.
    “You know that song?” Cleo looked at me.
    “I know every word by heart.” I started to hum to the song again.
    “WOW!” Cline gave me a high five.
    “Thanks but its nothing new.” I sighed. “I tried out for a band but they said no because I was a girl.”
    “Awe I’m sorry!” Cleo put his arm around me.
    “Cline look away.” I said.
    “EWW!” Cline closed his eyes very tight.
    I laughed and kissed Cleo.
    Cline whistled. I laughed and pulled away from Cleo.

    “Are we there yet?” Cline said three hours later.
    It was dark outside. And then the lights hit us. I looked up but it wasn’t Las Vegas, I started to freak out.
    “Cline get under the seat.” I pushed his head down.
    “STOP RIGHT THERE!!” The people in the helicopter said.
    “Alioe get under there with him.” Cleo grabbed a blanket and covered the seat. Before he did though he put a stain on the seat making it look like somebody threw up.
    “Shhh.” I told Cline.
    The cops came up to the car and looked around but didn’t see us.
    “Do you know these two people?” One of them pulled out our pictures.
    “No I don’t sir. I’m sorry.” He politely smiled. “Why? Are they missing?”
    “Their parents are looking for them.” He got a frown on his face. “They are very worried.”
    “I can call you if I see them.” Cleo was being so polite. Usually when a cop is around he gets all smart mouth.
    “Here is my card.” The cop gave him a white piece of paper.
    “Thank you office. Can I leave now?” He started to get snippy. I punched him in the shoulder. He just sat there like I didn’t do anything. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be rude but I’m going to go see my mother.”
    “No problem. Is she having a problem?”
    “She broke her leg and I have to go there every other 2 days.” He was still smiling.
    “Okay go right ahead.” He moved the cops to the side so we could go through. Once we were out of range I got out from under the seats, climbed in the front, helped Cline up with tears in my eyes.
    “You were right!” Cline said softly.
    I sighed then screamed. Cleo stopped at a hault and opened the door. Charlie was laying on the hard gravel bleeding.
    “CHARLIE!” I jumped out of the car and ran to him. I hated him for everything he did to me but I did care for him.
    “Help me.” He whispered.
    “I’m going.” I picked him.
    Goddamn he was heavy.
    I took him to the car, layed him in the back seat then got back in the front.
    “Who is it?”
    “Charlie. Get to the nearest hospital now!” I wanted to yell. The past four nights have been the worst in my life. My parents are dead, Cleo is a werewolf, Cline thinks I’m crazy, and Charlie came back for me. What did I do to deserve this?
    “Okay,” He paused. “Are you sure this is safe?”
    “If it wasn’t safe I wouldn’t be doing this. Now DRIVE!” I pushed him foreward.
    “God!” He drove fast and easy.

    When we got to the hospital I got out of the car, grabbed Charlie and carefully walked him in the doors.
    “Can I help you?” The lady didn’t bother looking up.
    “My friend is hurt.”
    “Wait in line.”
    “Look at him!” I screamed at her.
    She raised her eyes up. “You call that bad?”
    “Look lady.” I pulled up his shirt. There was a huge hole in his stomach.
    “Fine.” She called three doctors in. They brought that long bed thing that they put their patients on when they are in pain. Ya that thing, well anyways they wheeled him into a room. I followed but they shut the door before I could even say goodbye.
    “Well that was rude!” I banged on the door when finally one of them answered.
    “Can we help you?”
    “Yes actually you can. You are working on my friend and I would like to say goodbye to him if you don’t mind.” I started to get pissy.
    “Sure.” He let me and only me in. I looked at the doctors and realized that one of them is my father.
    “Daddy?” I started to cry.
    “Oh my god I thought you was dead.”
    “I thought you were dead to!” I hugged him. My face started to bury into his chest.
    “Baby im sorry.” He kissed my head.
    “Where is mom?” I started to whipe away the tears.
    “She is sitting at home.”
    “Why isn’t she here?”
    “Well we were looking for you and Cleo didn’t have you in the car with him so she just gave up and went home.”
    “Can I go see her or should I wait till later?”
    “It would be nice if you saw her now.”
    “Okay. I love you daddy.” I kissed him on the cheek, gave him a hug, looked at Charlie and smiled. “Take care of him please.” I walked out not realizing what I just did or said.
    “Whats wrong?” Cline asked.
    “Mom and Dad are alive. We have to go back home.”
    “No they are dead. I saw them with my own damn eyes.”
    “I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAW! YOU CAN GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I AM GOING TO SEE MOM!” I screamed in his face and walked out.

    “I can’t believe she just said that to me.” I heard Cline say in tears.
    I grunted and kept walking.
    “Are you okay?” He asked me before I got out of the car.
    “I wish you would believe me just once.” I gave Cleo a kiss on the lips very passionately.
    I walked into my house but didn’t see my mom. “Mom?” I didn’t want to give her a hear attack. I heard a plate drop in the kitchen, “Mom?”
    “Yes mom its me.”
    She came out and she was torn up.
    “Mom what happened?”
    “I was attacked.”
    “By who?”
    “Charlie!” She ran to me crying.
    “Oh my god mom, why didn’t dad tell me about this?”
    “He didn’t want you to kill Charlie.” She looked me right in the eyes.
    “You need to get a better relation ship with Cleo and Charlie. I think it would help a lot.”
    “But mom he almost killed you.” I was so angry.
    “Its okay hunny. Where is Cline?”
    “In the car! Would you like me to go get him?”
    “That would be nice!” I helped her out of the door.
    “Cline mom wants to see you.” I opened the car door.
    “Hi hunny.” She started to cry again.
    “Well I have to go see Charlie.”
    “Okay love you my darling sweet heart.”
    “Love you too mom. By Cline.” We drove away.
    We got to the hospital and I walked into Charlie’s room with Cleo holding my hand so he knew we were a couple.
    “What?” He opened his eyes slightly. “So I guess you got a boyfriend?” He started to laugh then couphed.
    "She deserved it." He got off of the bed and into my face.
    "Excuse me?"
    "She had a gun to me head."
    "You deserve to die." I pushed him against the wall so hard that it cracked.
    "No! I didn't. She deserves to, im sorry but im not going to let some old women try to kill me." He moved me away and walked out of the room.
    "Charlie come back!" I ran after him. "Charlie we need to talk."
    "No we don't. You left me for Cleo. Apprantley I don't need you." He walked out of the hospital.
    I walked to the car with tears in my eyes but I made them go away because I was sick of crying.
    "So.." Cleo said.
    "I can't be with you."
    "WHAT?!?" He started to freak. "YOU WANT TO BE WITH CHARLIE?"
    "No. Me, you, and Charlie need to have a talk."
    "NO! I am not going to sit in the same room as that freak." He drove away from the hospital.
    "Don't call him that. You don't know whats been going on in his life."
    "I dont care whats happened in his life. He doesn't deserve someone like you."
    "And why not?" I glared at him.
    "Your sweet, beautiful, kind, generous. I could go on all night. And Charlie. God Chalrlie, how could you pick him? He is the worst thing that came to this earth."
    "Take me home." I whispered. I was ready to punch him in the face but I knew it wouldn't help.
    His mouth fell open but didn't argue.
    So the night ended and I didn't feel guilty for what I said to either of them. But they were feeling worse because they knew that i couldn't choose between them if they were going to keep acting like this.