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    I raised my hand up, shielding my face against the blazing horizon that cast my surroundings with a glow of golden light. My kind, the High Elves of Solociest had descended from gods who basked in immortality and unfathomable power. But years of corruption had drained us elves of the elongated lives and magic we once had.

    I had spent the after noon reading in the warm sun and now that twilight was descending upon the land of Maple Shade I made my way back to Whetstone Keep that was my home. I tucked the book I was carrying under my arm and through squinted eyes watched as the trees swayed in a gentle wind before turning away from the fiery sun to walk down slowly winding path that led me to the Keep.

    This beautiful land full of lush forest and grassy plain was called Maple Shade. In this forest the city of Solociest stood as a shining beacon of power. To the city’s South stood the human city of Fallentol and to its East the town of Reyvon was nested into the mountains.

    Whetstone Keep was a place of learning for High Elves who lived in Reyvon to learn the skills necessary in order to enter the army of Solociest. This Keep is where I had spent the majority of my life, growing from a young elf into a formidable warrior.

    The sky darkened as I made my way though the town towards the Keep. Servant humans began to light paper lanterns along the roads to light the way for elvs like my self who were returning home.

    I approached the tall wooden door of the Keep and coughed loudly. Out of the shadows came my fellow warrior-in-training Brumear.
    “Your late” he chastised “Pelleus will be furious with us if we miss dinner again just because of your reading.”
    “Hush, I don’t need you telling me how Pelleus will react now will you please call to the humans so they can open this dammed door?”
    Brumear smiled at me and waved over to the servant who monitored the door of the Keep.
    “You would think after year of being close companion you wouldn’t have such a temper with me Charlemagne.” He gave a sigh and pouted his lips. “especially since all I cater to your every wish.”
    I snorted and gave him a crooked smile.
    “You’d be wrong to think that dear Brumear, because I have known you so long is the reason for my temper. One can only take so much ignorance.”
    He laughed warmly and placed his hand on my shoulder.
    “Come on we are going to have to run if we want to make it the mess hall in time.”

    We took our places at one of the many long tables the lined the mess hall of the Keep and waited as the humans set the tables with an assortment of foods. I was famished and dove right into the largest haunch on meat I could find. I was chewing blissfully when I heard a commotion of plates clattering to the floor. A human had spilt a dish on one of my peers. I watched as the elf I knew to be call Trinian struck the human repeatedly with his fist making the human grunt with pain. When he had knocked the man unconscious I returned to meal unperturbed.
    “The humans do more harm than good when they wait on us.” Brumear mumbled.
    “You are most likely correct, but it their place in society to take care of our needs” I said though a mouth full of food. “And eating is definitely one of our most important needs.”
    “I will have to agree with you on that one Charlemagne.” I watched as Brumear began piling his plate with sweets vigorously.
    I smiled and sat back in my chair stuffed with delicious food and happy.