• "The Higarashi clan must not be whiped out!" is what young Tenten Higarrashi herd on the other side of the door while holding her younger sister Ayame Higarashi. "Tennie what if we get caught?!" "Oh come on Ruby have a sence of adventure!" The dragon sighed in deffeat "I had one before you came along." she mumbled "what was that?!" Tenten snapped "Nothing but i hope your sisters nothing like you i'd feel sorry for the dragon that got stuck with her then." Tenten glared but stoped when she herd a scream. "Mum!" and with that the girl ran off in the direction the scream was herd. "Lady Tenten you musn't!" Tenten stopped and turned towards one of her servants. "Pleasee come with me M'Lady." Tenten nodded and followed with Ruby right behind her. "You must take your sister and get has far away from here as you can or try and get to the village hidin in the leaves and with out being harmed....to badly." Tenten nodded "At best use your ninja skills to get there quicker" Tenten nodded again and headed off with Ruby by herr side and her little sister in her arms." 'We will all count are lucky stars and pray that you get there safely.'
    "Ya think we'll make it?" Tenten asked as she looked down at Rudy. "With your powers and mine were untouchable......i think." Tenten sighed "oh well that makes me feal alot better!" Tenten yelled with a big amount of sarcasm. "qquiet there following us move faster!." Tenten directed chakra to her feet and moved fast 'wait why am i running i could have used a transportation jutsu oh i hope i get this right.' "Ruby!" the young Higarashi made a few hand signs and they disappered.
    that all happend tweleve years ago.
    "Ayame move!" The girl did as told and dodged the attack coming her way. "Thank you Ten-chan." said girl nodded in return "they work as a greaat team but they hardly get along." Ruby said while looking at Temari and Sakura with her ruby red eyes. "Well one day they might hey Saphire how did Ayame do on the physical exam or what ever it was?" a dragon with black scales and beautiful blue eyes looked at her. "she did well." was all the drragon said.
    "c'mon guys why can't we train to?" a hyperactive blonde boy asked. "well its simple the chunin exams are coming up so were watching them train they might even be better than Neji or Lee and or Sasuke." Temari giggled "oh and they aren't better than Gaara?" Sakura laughed to and the others with them all except Gaara who was glaring at Temari if looks could kill she would be dead. "ya think they can beat Lee and Neji?" Kiba asked as he turned his attention to the girls. "well they are really strong even if Ayame can't see i think she and Tenten could beat them both its just a matter of if they put in enough effort." Sakura said simply
    "Lee is that all you've got?!" Tenten yelled at her teammate. "Not even close my youthful flower i have much more to show you!" Lee yelled while attempting to attack Tenten. *FYI Ayame is taking a break*
    "Neji its time for you and Lee to switch" Ayame said as she walked over to the others. Neji nodded and headed off towards Lee and Tenten. "Hey Aya! hows it going?" Naruto asked happily seeing as Ayame was the only one that didn't cause him any physical harm unless absoultly nessisary. "I'm fine Naruto." she said as she sat down next to saphire. 'I wish i had my site back i hate this sure my other sences are stronger but i miss seeing my friends faces ever since the acadamy insident i just can't open my eyes.' Ayames thoughts were desturbed by Tenten yelling......"NEJI YOU SELF-CENTERED JERK WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" and hearing the others laughing 'I wish i could see whats happening.'..........