• She walked out of the forest with some flowers for her room in SSBB Hotel. The hotel had rooms for all the characters of SSBB. Hers was on the top floor along with Link's, Pikachu's (human form), and Ike's. The hotel had 12 floors, and the color of the hotel was a dark amber shade.
    She walked to the Hotel in search of Link. Earlier she had found a spot in the woods surrounding the hotel.
    It was truly magical. Instead of running into Link she ran into Ike.
    Hello Zelda. What are you doing here so early, you usually stay in the forest till noon.
    Oh, well I was searching for Link. I have to tell him something very important.
    Whats so important?
    Um, nothing!
    Oh well I saw him in his room reading a book.
    Thank you., She said firmly.
    Why did Ike want to know whats so important? Why am I asking myself this question anyway?

    She walked up the stairs (there were no elavators) To the 12th floor.
    Link? she called.
    Link heard his name and looked out the door to see Zelda.
    Oh, um, Hi Zelda.
    Why is his face so red?
    I found this amazing spot you should see! Come on lets go!
    She grabbed his arm and pulled him down the steps.
    His face had a dreamy look.