• Starring!
    Alex (me)
    Mercedes (cades or cedee)
    and....JASMINE! (jazzy jaz so on)
    sasquash *idk how to spell it*

    jaz has my camera i have part of a mop.

    Jaz: i am here at sasquasha's house this is gonna be awesome *rings door bell*
    Alex: grawwer GRA!!!!!!!
    Jaz: AHHHHHH! *starts running*
    Alex: GRAAAAAAAAAWER GRRRRRRR NYAR!!!!!!! *i trip over my huge feet and fall down*
    Jaz: sasquash is now down i repeat sasquash is on the ground
    Alex: *gets up and starts chasing her with the mop*
    thank u


    Alex: i am now at toegas house *holds in laffter rings door bell*
    Jaz: toooooooega? *sees me* TOEGA!!!!! *starts chasing me*
    Jaz:Toega Toega *does a wierd dance*
    *cedee comes out of her house she did not no wut we were doing literally*
    Cedee:wut r u guys doin-
    Jaz: *Turns around with mop in her hand* TOEGA!!!!!!! *Startes chasing*

    thee end

    ya i no not real funny but it was funny if u actually saw it