• School was nearing its dismissal time, and every one was anxious to get out. School isn't officially over when its time to go. Most of the teachers stay behind and prepare for tomorrow, while some students stay for clubs and help teachers. I'm in only one club, because its the only one that involves hitting something. Karate....I know a good variety of this martial arts. To be honest, doing martial arts brings back some excitement in my life. I only use karate for self-defense, never really hurt anybody....except for anyone I don't like. I started taking karate as soon as I entered Japan.....guess I felt the need to learn something useful from different places. *sigh*....But before I was in Japan, there wasn't much I was aware of. My head would always hurt whenever I see something monumental or something that resembles old culture. But the pain in my head isn't so bad anymore. I feel...like I've forgotten something.....but I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm too dazed to even focus right now.....*sigh*.....sure gonna be glad to get home tonight. I should see some doctors, maybe they can give something that will make me feel better.....or not. Damn....only a two more hours....hope I can make it till then. " Hey Rai. Still feel like crap?" Hyoujin sat in a desk that was across from mine. Kinda....don't get as much sleep as I normally do. " You think of going to a doctor or something?" I thought about it, but I'm not sure if I should talk about it with anyone until I've figured it out for myself. " Any wierd dreams?" Maybe.....but most of the time its just stress I think....that could be the reason. " Its all in your head dude." Thats what I'm curious about. Its always been in my head, but why? Is it because I think to much? Or is it the fact that I can't stop thinking? I truly don't know. " HES HERE!!!!" Suddenly Hitomi sqeeled and caught the attention of the other girls in the class. They rushed to the door, all pushing and yelling. " Um hey Rai. Whats going on?" Oh great....why him? " Who is it?" You might wanna keep your headphones on. " How come?" Because this is going to be loud. The door slid open and a large uproar of squeels filled the room. Me and Hyoujin almost fell back from our sits because of the force of the squeeling.....damn the squeeling! The cause of the squeeling appeared out of the crowd and revealed itself. " Settle down ladies. Theres enough of me to go around." Hyoujin questioned me. " Who's that guy?" Kyuketsuki.

    Kyuketsuki was the type of person who uses his looks to get what he wants from cute girls. He had his hair in a pony tail and painted his nails black, but he wasn't emo.....I think. Kyuketsuki is really annoying, because around guys, he acts cold. But when he approaches me, dude acts like hes better than me. I swear, its like he hates me for no reason....pisses me off. " Damn! Wish I had that kind of power over women! I would be in control! NO MORE REJECTIONS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!" You have deep seated problems dont you? "........Yes I do." Kyuketsuki walked up in front of us. " Well now Rai, it seems you have a new companion. Isn' that nice? Hehehe. Only someone like you can be friends with this white-headed savage." I could tell by Hyoujin's expression that he doesn't take kindly to insults. " HEY!! SCREW YOU PUNTO!!!" Kyuketsuki seemed amused by Hyoujin's outburst. " Hehehe, your friend is quite amusing. A little rude, but somewhat more your standard Rai, hehehe." Piss off Kyuketsuki. I don't feel like dealing with your crap today. " Pardon me if I seemed a bit out of line, but its how I express my good nature for your new friendship." Kyuketsuki sure has a wierd way of expressing himself. I don't think Hyoujin took a good liking to Kyuketsuki. " Yo, maybe you should take your leave now before I start knocking a few teeth out." Nope, no liking at all. " Hehehe. I bet you would like that wouldn't you, little mutt!" Now for Hyoujin, that crossed the line. Hey guys! Cool it! I pushed back against Hyoujin and Kyuketsuki. All the girls were still sqeeling, including Hitomi, for Kyuketsuki. Kyuketsuki can provoke any guy with his attitude, thats how he works sometimes. Thats enough Kyuketsuki! Were all tired and school is almost over! Nobody wants a fight! " BULLCRAP! I WANT TO FIGHT THIS GOTH LOOKING JACKASS!" Kyuketsuki backed away. " Whatever Rai. I'll be taking my leave now. Be sure to have fun with your new friend while you can, I doubt your friendship will last long, but you decide that for yourself. Oh, and make sure to keep that thing on a leash. Hehehe!" Kyuketsuki walked out of the room while all the girls just watched him exit. Hyoujin was officially pissed. " DAMMIT! HE DESERVES A KICK TO THE HEAD! GOD! IM FREAKIN PISSED!!!" Easy Hyoujin. Listen if you want to take your anger out on something, come with me to the Karate club afterschool. You can kick whoevers head all you want there, just please stop with the constant yelling. " AHHHH!!! Fine." Well that was easy, but looks like I wont get to bed early...dammit. This is what I have to put up with. Man this sucks!!!

    Afterschool at last....how fun. Club activities of many choices, which are not that much fun anymore. The gymnasium held the only club that seemed rather fun to the students and teachers....Karate club. " WAAAATAAAA!!!!!" Looks like Hyoujin doesn't stop yelling for anything, even when hes kicking random guys out of the ring....talk about anger management. " WEEEAAAA!!!!! ALRIGHT THEN! WHO WISHES TO FEEL THE ANGER OF HYOUJIN!!!!" Everyone seemed dead shocked at Hyoujin's uproar of rage. I just sat there at the benches drinking some water, not really doing anything. I watched Hyoujin's skill of martial arts play out. It was very surprising and interesting to watch. He hardly throws any punches, just kicks and yells.....remind you of anyone? But anyway, Hyoujin had strong kicks, I mean like freaking powerful strikes that will send a dude a long way. His fighting was powerful and fast, but very deadly. " YO RAI!!! WHATS UP BUDDY!!!" And how could I forgot Susanoo, another one of my friends....well, energetic friends. " YOU FINALLY SHOW UP FOR ONCE!! THATS EXTREME!!! YOU GOT TO TRAIN MORE!!" Susanoo was always focused on being physically strong all the time. Most of the time he hangs out in the gym and exercises for a long time. And sometimes he fights with his brother, Suijin. Oh thats right, Suijin is Susanoo's younger brother....its crazy I know. Susanoo and Suijin don't hang as much as they usually do with each other, maybe they had a fight or something. But anyway, Susanoo talks about his muscles for long peroids of time, but only if hes worked really hard. He brags on about it and flexes at the same time....really freaking annoying. He acts way different than his Suijin, being all excited and positive, while Suijin is just mellow and calm. " SO DUDE!! WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE?!!" Well, thought I bring my friend to the club so he could blow off some steam. " Hows that working?" See for yourself. Suddenly, some random guy comes flying into the bleachers, surprising Susanoo....not a surprise for me. " WHAT THE FREAK?!!!!!" Dude sure can kick, I'll give him that. " WHO?!!" Oh you probably haven't met him. Hes over there. " WAAAAaaaaa....and that makes 30! Whew!" Hyoujin had his foot up in the air, but slowly lowered it to the ground. " Is that it?! Come ON! There nobody else?!! Damn...this is just sad." I didn't pay much attention to Hyoujin. All I just did was drink my water. Susanoo looked confused. "That must be Hyoujin huh? His fighting sure is...EXCELLENT!!!" Not that bad. He must have a daily work out session if hes that strong with his legs. " Possible, but what about you Rai. Haven't you been getting any better with your fighting?" Well...I haven't really fought anybody lately, so....I'm not really focused on it. " ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! Well then my friend....sucks for you." Your not very social are you? " NOT AT ALL!!" Yea.....I'm gonna take my leave now.....so later. Susanoo just stood there, posing and smiling while I began to walk towards the exit. Hyoujin looked around to see if there was anybody else to fight. He then looked my way and grinned....guess whats gonna happen now? " HEY! RAIJUU!!! LETS FIGHT!!!" Oh....crap.

    Everybody in the gym was shocked, including Susanoo. Why in the hell did Hyoujin choose me anyway? " Step up Rai!!! Show me what you got!!!!" Why should I? I have nothing to show, besides...there are other people to fight here. I looked around the gym and all the club members were down for the count. Oh...well...guess I'm the only one left....great. It seems like I didn't have a choice in the matter, lucky me. Fine...I'll fight you Hyoujin. I walked up to the arena where Hyoujin was and removed my shirt. Everyone seemed surprised, including Hyoujin, at my figure. Nobody really would have guessed that I had muscles, big shocker for everyone, except for me. I'm not like the others...so don't expect any win! Hyoujin looked like he was ready for a good fight. " Well now....this might be fun. Hehehe." Hyoujin then flexed out of his Karate Gi, revealing his muscles as well. We were both strong looking, everyone was staring at us, ready to see a good fight. I threw my shirt to the side and began to ready myself. I began stretching my arms, and then a few back twists to loosen me up. Hyoujin knew this was going to be serious, so he began to stretch as well, but mostly with his legs. After a few more stretches, we were ready. Hyoujin removed his hat and revealed his hair. White hair that spiked up, yellow eyes that surprise even me. His appearance.....makes my head....hurt...but why? " Well Rai. Ready to get the crap beat out of ya?" Maybe the pain will go away soon. Hehehe, not gonna happen Hyoujin. I slowly took my Karate stance and was ready. Hyoujin took his stance and he was ready. Both of us....are ready to fight. We...are ready......