• Once, long ago in England, there lived a man who was skilled in sewing and toy making. At that time, he recently had lost his daughter to a deadly sickness. He decided to put his skills to work, and began sewing a life-size ragdoll of her. He finished off this doll by threading strands of long, brown hair into its head. After his daughter, Diana, he named this new doll Delilah. But one thing was wrong. She never spoke, moved, or showed any signs of living. This man studied ways to bring his daughter's look-a-like to life, and while doing so, became caught up with poetry. He wrote many poems about events in his life, many did not make sense. Unfortunately, he was never able to make Delilah move during his lifetime, but during the the last two days of his life, he came to a conclusion. Magic was the answer. Magic was what never made his poems make sense. Magic outranked clockwork and mechanics. More specifically, the soul. He wrote a note that was to be carried around with Delilah, and the very next day, wrote his final poem.
    The ragdoll was passed down from generation to generation, and the two slips of paper were never noticed. Never even considered, or given a question. Until now.
    A boy, seven years of age, was curious about the doll and went to look at it, when he noticed the slips of paper. He read the note, and suddenly it became very clear to him what he was destined to do. As he grew older, he hit the books about magic and spell-casting. When he was only sixteen, though, it was found that we purely, mentally insane. As he approached twenty years of age, he lived alone with Delilah. When midnight struck on his 21-st birthday, Delilah opened her eyes.

    Her story has just begun.