• Pokemon New Dimension
    I leaned over the table, poking my eggs with my fork. I wasn't in the mood for breakfast anymore. My mind was in whole new place. A place where all of my thoughts ran together, forming one, huge problem.
    My stomach was turning when my mom placed a cup of orange juice in front of me. If I was going to throw-up, at least let me get a head start to the bathroom.
    My mom stared at me from across the kitchen. "Akane, is everything alright?" she asked me. "You look awful."
    Like I needed to hear that, I thought as I rolled my eyes. "I don't know why, but I'm so nervous," I replied.
    She smiled at me. "Nothing to be nervous about dear. Getting your first pokemon is fun." She started washing dishes as she hummed to herself.
    I sighed as I began to eat the eggs that were getting cold.

    I'm Akane Kiyomi. I look like this.
    User Image
    I have two twin sisters:
    Hitomi Kiyomi User Image
    and Izumi Kioymi User Image
    I'm the oldest, Hitomi is the middle child, and Izumi is the youngest. We live in a small town called NightRain. Why it's called that, I do not know. It doesn't rain at all. We live with only our mother. Our father died a few weeks after Izumi was born. He was coming back from exploring the underwater caves in another city once he heard about Izumi being born, but he never made it to the hospital. His breathing mask ran out of oxygen and he drowned in the deep waters. My sisters and I would go to the lake with our mom on special occasions, leaving flowers behind. It was hard during those times, but we managed to keep moving foward.
    Now that we're older, my sisters and I decided to start our own journey. Traveling to every city here in the Fire Region; capturing all of the pokemon that we possibly can; making new friends along the way; and just having fun with each other and, of course, with our pokemon.
    Let the journey begin!