• The streeet lights were on when Amanda snuck out of the house and escaped to the hill that over looks the entire city. The only place she wanted to be was back home, in the U.S., with her best friend, shareing a cup of ramen, but she was in Purto Rico... sitting on a hill.... driffting off to sleep. He thoughts wondered off... she started thinking about her best friend. her hazel eyes that sparkled when she laughed, her warm smile, her personality... Missing her had been what she felt all the time. She was the best friend that had understood her more than anyone else. On that hill she escaped from the world that held such a tight grip on her, and drifted to sleep as she layed down on the soft lush grass.

    In the U.S., Taylor was thinking about her too. Thinking about all the times that they had spent together. Laughing, Running around, Being random... But that was just memories now. Tears formed in her eyes as she snuck outside her house and sat on the front porch. She gazed up at the star lit sky and the cresent moon. Hopeing that Amanda was seeing the very same thing in the beautiful velvet blue sky. She whispered her best friends name on def ears... not even listening to her own voice anymore. the tears streaked her face as she sobbed into the night.

    These two souls spent the rest of there life waiting to see each other again. There hope crash landed when they ran into each other 10 years later. Both of them are now 21, and On a plane to New York they meet again. Amanda's seat was the one directly beside Taylor's, and this is what happened.

    "Hi, I guess this is my seat." Taylor said as she sat beside Amanda. Taylor sighed as she layed her head back against the head rest. She took out a book from a bag that was sitting on the floor and opened it to the page she had book marked. Her book mark was a picture of Amanda and her. "what book is that?" Amanda asked as she looked over at the book and saw the picture. "Oh... It is a manga book... Fruits Basket..." Taylor said as her eyes landed on the picture of Amanda and her. "Who are those girls?" Amanda said as she pointed to the picture. "That is my best friend Amanda and Me." taylor said as crystal blue tears appeared in her eyes and streaked her face as they had did so many times before. "ah! No! Please don't cry!" Amanda said as she whiped the tears from Taylor's eyes. Amanda picked up the picture and hugged Taylor. Clueless, she hugged the strange woman back. "I missed you so much..." Amanda whispered in Taylor's ear. she finally grasped what was happening. "Amanda!" Taylor said as she hugged Amanda tight. Her tears came back and when Amanda looked at her, they were both crying. When they landed in New York they both decided to never go anywhere that the other wasn't going. EVER.

    And that is exactly what happened...