• the last few months of school was quiet, peaceful in a way. joe didnt bother me or my friends, and no one made fun of me for liking him, even though i got over him in the middle of the year. i was so excited for the summer, because it will give me a chance to start again.
    "Jerileen!!!!!!!" a crowd a voices screamed
    "hey, i missed you guys so much!" i said excitedly. it was nice seeing my friends from summer camp, there wasnt any problems here, no one judged you or started drama.
    "so how was your school year?" ariana asked
    "ugh, one of the worst. so much drama with this guy, i just hate it." i complained.
    "well, it cant be that bad right? you got me! i can beat who ever gets in your way"
    "oh yea sure, a four foot, something person protecting me from a six foot guy."
    "you shut up, you know im tougher then you!"
    yea, that's ariana all right, she is awesome, and an awesome friend to be around. i remember the first time i met her, i was the one doing all the talking, but now that she is comfortable around me, i can barely talk anymore.
    "sup jerileen?" christian asked, nodding his head.
    "oh hey. . . how was your year?"
    "oh nothing special, im so glad its over."
    "yea, same here. i really hated this year."
    "oh yea? what happened? best friend got shot?"
    "hey! no! dont say that!" then he smiled, got up and walked away. it was crazy how i used to like that guy, its so weird. he was a skater, asain, with horn-rimmed glasses. well, im just glad that we can talk, even though i never told him i like him. forget it, i dont want to start drama this summer.

    "heyyyy omp! alexa has arrived!" alexa exclaimed. i never really got to talk to her, and i already hated her. she is such a byoch in a way. just the way she walks and the way she looks at me tells me that she hates me back. oh well, better then starting a fist fight.
    the rest of the week was pretty peaceful, a couple of pains (people getting hurt my trench, or getting in trouble), but its all good.

    Three Weeks Later
    "hey jerileen!" alexa yelled across the room.
    "oh hey, whats up?"
    "nothing really, just waited for you to come. its so boring with all these leapard sharks hangin' around"
    "oh. . . " yea, i know what your thinking, ariana started to talk to her, so i started to also. we became pretty cool, and even though its not my ideal summer plan, i dont mind meeting new people.
    then ariana, andrea, and this other girl came, who i cant really remember the name of. she is really cool though, its so funny how we both secretly hate alexa. andrea and i are so quiet when alexa and ariana talk a lot, but when it comes to those quiet pauses, we are always the ones to start the topic. its kind of confusing, i know, but its nice to have someone to listen to. i just hope this year wont end up like how my school ended, dramatic and very frustrating.