• Every story has a hero. A hero who's brave, and noble. A hero who slays dragons, and saves princesses. Well, the hero to our story is nothing like that.
    His name, ironically enough, is Hero. He's ninteen years old, and travels the world taking on odd jobs. The time line is unknown, and just about everyone in this world are named after their occupation, unless given another name by their parents/gaurdians, or friends.
    Hero's world is split up into three countries, unsurprisingly named country one, country two, and country three.
    Country Three is a very rich country, high class cream puffs with the biggest mansions, and the nicest carts (cars don't exist, carts and horses rule!)
    Country Two is for middle class, Hero spends most of his time here, picking up plenty of weird jobs.
    Country One, is low class. This country could easily be mistaken for a baren wasteland, that just so happen to have a few houses in it. Most criminals are exiled to country one, so you wouldn't want to end up here unless you can protect yourself. The only jobs there are getting you a** kicked, or getting your a** handed to you. Both aren't very nice...

    All the countries are devided by large, stone walls. Guard often guard these walls, and guard inspect why you're here, inspect what you're bringing in, and depending on how shady you look, they'll let you in. All weapons are taken from you if you're heading into country three.

    This world is full of mythilogical creatures. Beasts you'd never imagine, with names as uncreative as the people who inhabit the planet. Most of the creatures are very dangerous, this is where Hero's jobs kick in. He does everything from finding lost dogs, to slaying a Large Bison. Some jobs are exciting, some are not, but cash is cash, and the people in Country two seem to have a good amount.

    Another odd feature about Hero is the split personalities people notice he takes on at time. Little do these onlookers know, they aren't split personalities at all, they're actually entirely new souls. Two new souls to be precise.
    There's Argest, a Scottish Gunslinger. When a job calls for a trash talking led dispencer, Argest is the man for the job.
    Next, there's Scarecrow. He's a bit small to say the least, and he's scared of just about everything, hypocondriac is one of the many words to describe this boy. He's also a telepath. being able to communicate with the dead, as well as lift things with his mind, and shoot small beams of mental energy from his left index finger.

    Hero's soul was intertwined with Argest, and Scarecrow during one of his missions. The hit was a man named "Shady Swordsman". The two went hard at it, and when it seemed as if Hero was going to win, Shady Swordsman pulled out an odd amulent and used it's effects on Hero. The amulent took two random souls from any part of the planet, and fuse their souls with the target.
    Hero passed out once the amulent took effect, and when he woke up, he began to hear voices, and realize that he was he had more than one person living inside of him. If Hero concentrates enough he can actually take the form of Scarecrow, or Argest. Since they're part of Hero, Hero can also shoot a mind beam from his left index finger, and Hero also has insane knowledge in the gun category, courtesy of Argest. Hero could take a gun apart with just his left hand in under 3.47 seconds, and put it back together just as fast.

    The last thing about Hero is the guitar he constantly caries around. Sure, Hero never had an interest in playing the guitar, but when he was younger, Heo traveled around the outskirt of Country one almost everyday. Upon his little adventures he finally came across a Gibson Guitar, darkblue plating, and strings so hard, they couldn't be plcuked, or moved for that matter. Well, just like Hero's future self, the guitar was infused with a soul.
    You see. There was an amazing rocker, named Eddie the Crimson Blaze. Eddie would travel all around Country two, and sometimes even Country three, playing amazing rifts. During one of Eddie's concerts, a man from the crowd used the same amulent that was used on Hero. Although the amulent didn't hit Eddie, it hit Eddie's guitar. A man named Bison Shrew was infused with Eddie's Gibson. Bison's soul was hard to break, and since that was the case, the attribute fused with Eddie's guitar's strings. Now that Eddie couldn't strum his guitar, he found it useless and threw it away to the outskirts of Country one.
    Hero picked up the guitar, founding himself able to communicate with guitar, while others couldn't here anything.
    The two quickly became friends, and ever since that day Hero carried Bison Shrew with him wherever he went.

    Well, there you have it. That's our Hero, he's not very noble. In fact, he's a coward, a gunslinger, and a hero, all in one package. So without further ado, we'll get to our story. Hero is scavenging around Country two for some odd jobs...

    TO BE STARTED.........