• Dysalia: A world unknown where beings you'd never imagine roam to the country sides. Humans refer to these creatures as demons. Eventually a group of demons decided to give Dysalia justice. In order to do so, they formed The Council of Lazzar. Lazzar was the being the demons thought of as a god. With the council hammering in democracy to the land, it found peace; Peace rested in Dysalia for fifteen centuries.
    --Peace did not remain in Dysalia. Three very powerful demons began terrorizing the poor land. The centuries of peace left the demons of Dysalia weak, and untrained. With the land in agony the Council of Lazzar decided to take action. The council confronted the demons and sealed them inside three urns. These urns were then split among the council of five. The most powerful member of the council were to protect the urns.
    Although the demons were gone, peace did not settle in Lazzar; Demons all over Dysalia began forming syndicates, and killing eachother in wars. Countries began to fight and the Council quickly lost control...
    The last thing the council did was make a group: The Knights of Lazzar. The Knights were places inside a large kingdom in the center of Dysalia. The council had decided that if they couldn't regain peace in all of Dysalia, they could at least maintain peace in their Kingdom.
    Decades passed, and peace maintained in the Kingdom, little did the Council know, peace would not last long in the Kingdom of Dysalia.

    Zaku Raiko, the only human in all of Dysalia. No one knows how he came into the world, but shortly after, he became a Knight of Lazzar, due to his undying sense of justice. Zaku was walking down the busy streets of the Kingdom, waving to people as he walked by; Zaku fixed the position of his large spear that was hooked to his back as he walked into the local tavern. He was off duty so he figured it wouldn't hurt if he had a drink. The local bar-goers waved as he walked over to the counter, taking a seat on a small squeaky stool. Zaku glanced over to the man who was sitting a few feet away from him. He definately looked drunk. The man was dark blue hair, his eyes were the most noticable part about his features. They were blood red, they even seemed to glow in this dimly lit tavern. He was wearing a black button shirt, although it was unbuttoned, the man's sleeves were rolled up over his elbows; The man's torso could be seen due to the open shirt, this showed that he had very toned muscles. The man's skin was peach. The last observation Zaku made about the odd drunkard was that he was wearing iron toed boots, and dark blue baggy pants, His pant legs were tied with rope as the pant legs reached his poots, which added on to the baggy looking effect.
    The man growled fiercely "What do you mean 'I've hade enough'?!! What're you stupid in the head or something?!! If I can still speak proper english that doesn't mean i'm drunk enough!" He slammed his fists onto the bar counter, the bartender quickly ran to get him another bottle of straight vodka. The bartender quickly returned with his bottle then took Zaku's order. Zaku smiled at the man "Just the usual grog, please." Zaku smiled at him again, noticing that his smile seemed to calm the bartender down.
    The man snickered to himself, shoving his face into his palms for a second. He glared over to Zaku "Come on, the usual grog? Your a man aren't ya?"
    Zaku scratched the back of his head "Well, I don't drink much so..."
    "So nothing. Real men-" The man hiccuped "-Real men's identities are hidden inside these wonderful bottles of intoxicating juices." The man hiccuped again, and snickered to himself. Silence quickly filled the room between the two. The man could be heard mumbling things to himself. Zaku had forgotten to introduce himself (which he always does to be polite). Zaku held out his hand "The names Zaku Raiko." He said with a smile. The drunkard rolled his head (which was now plopped against the counter top) to look up at his hand. He lifted a weary arm and smacked his hand away. "Azule Belsheek." He paused "I gotta pee..." He stood up, and waddled over to the bathroom. Zaku's drunk arrived, and he lifted to to take a sip. Just before he had the chance to drink the foul smelling liquid two men dressed in a series of random clothe bust open the door, and drew sabres from underneathe the rags. Zaku didn't even have to examine them further it was obvious that they were here to cause trouble. Zaku spun out his spear, and swung toward the two men. They blocked Zaku's strike with a unexperienced swing of their sabre. Zaku ran up to them and landed a punch to one's jaw, sending him to the floor. The assailants' partner threw his sabre like a throwing knife in desperation to defeat the noble knight. Azule had stepped out of the bathroom just as the sabre came soaring across the room. The blade stabbed into the wall inches from the drunkards head. Azule non-chalantly ducked under to sabre and sat down at his original seat. "Don't mind me..." He said to no one in partcular, noticing Zaku didn't even check to see if he was alright (due to him being too involved in stopping the criminal). Azule took another swig of his vodka, taking the time to enjoy the burning sensation the fluid gave as it slipped down his throte. The set the bottle down onto the counter top muttering "It's not like that scared the friggen hell outta me or anything..." He hiccuped and burried his head into his arms as he drifted to sleep.
    Zaku sweep kicked the criminal and aimed his spear at the man's neck "Stop... Now..." Zaku gave the bandit a glare that could burn through a brick wall. The bandit quickly agreed with a long string of apologies. Zaku pulled out to handcuffs made a iron, and cuffed the two bandits. Applause and cheers filled the bar. Zaku turned to look at Azule. "It was nice meeting you Mr.Belsheek." He said to the sleeping Azule, he flipped a coin over to the bartender. His coin bounced off of the counter top and high enough into the air for the bar tender to catch it.
    Zaku left the tavern along with the two criminals.

    Later that Evening...

    Zaku had turned the criminals into the Kingdom's holding pen. The holding pen was a prison cell in a small guarded hut. Every twenty four hours, Royal Guard (Like Zaku) would come by to pick them up and take them to court, so they can be sentenced for their crimes. Since Zaku was off duty, he didn't have to take them directly to court, although he would've prefered to do so.
    Zaku had the rest of the day to do whatever he pleased. He thought to himself "Let's see... I could go help the farmers with their crops..." He sighed "Oh, but it's not farming season. it's still too cold..." The knight continued to think "Ah! I could read to the children in the library." Zaku glanced at the sun, and sighed a second time "But it's too late... The libraries' closed..." Zaku stopped, and leaned against the wall. Zaku was normally helping others when he wasn't on duty, and when he was on duty, he was helping others. It seemed like a addiction to him. Zaku would've continued thinking of ways to help people if it wasn't for a group of Royal Guards running for the Council room in a large tower in the middle of the Kingdom. Zaku immdeiately followed. Royal Guards only headed for the council room when something serious was happening.
    Zaku entered the Council room, and took a seat at a large circular table. at the end of the table was one of the Council of Lazzar members. His name was Rezek Colliner. He was a wise old man who was one of the protectors of the urn. The old man rubbed his large white beard, the expression of greif was written all over his face.
    "I have terrible news everyone..." Rezek began. Already tension was high.
    "I'm afraid to announce that one of the urns... Has been stolen..."
    Gasps broke out in the room, and suddenly we all knew this couldn't end well. Zaku was ready to run out of that room and hunt down the monster that stole the urn, and show him no mercy in bringing him to justice, but no orders were given. All Zaku could do as of now was wait, and listen.
    "The urn I was under custody of was stolen from me late last night. I just woke up, and it was gone." Rezek sighed miserably. One of the Knight broke out into a question "How did they know the hiding place of the urn?!"
    Rezek turned to the guard, and shook his head "That's what worries me. Whoever stole the urn must know where to obtain the other ones as well. And if not, then they will probably know where to find out..."
    Zaku couldn't help but interupt "So, what do you propose we do?"
    Rezek stood up from his seat slowly, he grabbed his wooden cane that rested against the table "Bring in anyone that looks suspicious. Have Knights guarding the position of the other urns twenty four seven. We'll have to weed this crook out..." He paused with a weary sigh "That is if he hasn't already left the city..."
    The Knight stood from their seats as well. The Knight saluted, then ran out of the room. Everyone, including Zaku were pumped to catch the theif.
    Zaku continued to think about what Rezek had said "Anyone suspicious... Hmmm..."


    Azule grinned widely as he exited the tavern. He had just scored with some random hot girl. Of course, she seemed like a whore, the kind of type that would date anyone at anyone, just to get some sexual intercourse out of it. Of course Azule didn't care. He was Azule Belsheek: A true ladies man. His personal record for getting a girl to sleep with him was 5.25 seconds. He was definately proud of himself for that one. Azule stood in front of the doorway to the tavern, he had no clue where he was going from this point, he didn't even live in this kingdom. He just came strolling in, bored as hell. Azule tucked his hands away in his pockets, and gave a yawn. "Damn, what i'd give for a fight right now..." It had completely crossed his mind that Zaku had been in a bar fight earlier that day. Azule started walking down the street, and paused as a group of Royal Knight came running by. Azule grinned "I wonder where they're running off to..." He shrugged them off in a few seconds. It was a common habit to turn away from things that didn't smell like alcohol, or cheap whore perfume. Not many people knew who he was, and he liked that about himself. He was mysterious. Azule never stayed in one place too long so no one would get attached to him. And only that reason, the man whore never got attached to any one woman, and he never made a single friend in his life. "Well... I can't exactly think that..." Azule unconciously said aloud. He made one friend, but that was a long time ago. As Azule was passing an ally way, a man dragged him in by the collar of his shirt. The man was another local gang member. The kingdom was good at keeping peace, but there'll always be more crime somewhere in the shadows. The gangster held of a rusted dagger to Azule's neck "Just give me all your money, and I won't have to slit open the slender throte of yours..." He threatened in a deep voice. Azule gave his usual 'You've gotta be kidding me' grin and snickered to himself.
    "You're serious...?" Azule stared the man right in the eyes. The gangster wanted to look away, but found it to be impossible. Azule's eyes were hypnotizing. Just looking into them made the gangster lose all will to live. The gangster dropped the dagger, which broke on impact. Next the gangster released Azule's shirt collar. Azule snickered again "I knew you weren't serious. You little rapscallion..." He pulled his hands out of his pockets. With his index finger, Azule notioned the gangster to come closer. The gangster obeyed and walked closer. Azule held his hand out in front of his face. "What's your name...?" Azule asked with a grin.
    "William Gardner..." The gangster replied. It was odd, it was as if the gangster couldn't control his own body, if it were up to him, he'd be gashing out Azule's guts right now. Azule nodded slowly "Well William Gardner, i'm afraid you tried mugging the wrong person..." A long, slim, sharp weapon emerged from the alley's shadows, and nested in Azule's hands. The paralyzed William Gardner could only watch in pure fear, as the weapon was brought down upon him. The death of William happened the exact second the sun was veiled by the mountains. This made the Kingdom of Dysalia fall into night, no one could hear William scream. Although I doubt he could even if he wanted too.