• -Chapter 1-

    I looked at the round shiny clock that sat above the "Exit" door of the class room. The word "Exit" meant freedom, and once the shiny round clock struck 3:30 p.m. I was allowed to rejoice in that freedom. I rhythmically tapped my fingers on my wooden desk, getting more and more impatient as the time passed by. I flipped my blond hair away from my face and tried not to scream from the annoyance of how slow the minute hand moved.
    I let my face fall onto my desk about ready to give up then all of a sudden a heavenly sound rang through the room. The sound whispered "Freedom!" as it went through my ears,
    The school bell.
    I almost jumped out of my seat as I crammed my notebook and purple led pencil into my white and black striped back pack. I slung it over my shoulder and merrily walked toward the door.
    I was about to walk out the door when an aerie annoying voice called out behind me.
    I turned around to see Ms. Cammile staring at me intently from her desk.
    "Would you be a dear and help me clean up the class room." She asked and smiled a "Ha-ha you lil b*****d." smile.
    "Uhhh, I cant Ms. C, Ive gotta go my parents are suppose to be..." I looked around the class room and my eyes landed on a "BRUSH YOUR TEETH!" poster. "...picking me up to go to the dentist!"
    Nice save.
    "Oh really." Her smile faded. "Well then have a nice day Ms. Makeir."
    "You too Ms. C." I said as I turned around and walked out the door.
    I was surprised to see two of my guy friends standing right outside the class room.
    "Common' Iris, you need to get to the Dentist." Vandrew, the tall, dark skinned, black haired, giant of the two said, laughing under his breath.
    "Ya, ya. Shuddap. It was my excuse and it worked. Damn, my foot hurts." I complained as I limped slightly along with Vandrew and Eric, who was a white, brown haired, short version of Vandrew.
    I felt a tug at the back of my black, skin tight, "Snoopy", shirt and I was suddenly lifted up from the floor and slung over Vandrews shoulder.
    "Ahhh, whats this for??" I squealed.
    "You said your foot hurt so he helped you out." Eric smiled.
    I sighed and let my body hang limply and just tried to enjoy the ride.
    I felt the pocket of my worn and ripped up skinny jeans vibrate, it surprised both me and Vandrew.
    "What were you hiding in there??" He asked and chuckled.
    "Shut up." I said and reached for my phone. I pulled it out and started to read the text I had gotten.
    From: Nate
    To: Iris
    Hey you guys doin anything today??

    I replied:
    Ummm, no not that I know of, y?
    Not seconds later Nate replied.
    Theres goin 2 b a party at Dans house, you know Dan? The rich emo guy who has the huge pool and skate park in his back yard?? Hes having this hige party, I wanted to know if you Van and Ric wanna come??
    I smirked and texted back.
    There going to be snacks and refreashments...oh his parents out??

    I could see out the corner of my eye, Eric staring at me with a questioning look.
    "Damn, Iris, with the way your smiling I'm begining to think your Sexting." Eric started to laugh hystarically.
    "Shhh." I said not looking up from my fone.
    Yes, there will be snacks, and every beer and soda in the U.S.A, and ya his parents are out till sunday.
    "Hey you guys wanna go to a party at emo kid Daniels house??" I asked.
    "You mean the filthy rich one?? ******** ya Im in!" Vandrew cheered.
    "Sure im in." Eric said as he trailed behind me and Van.
    We'll be there in 2 hours ok?? I texted.
    Greeat! C u then!
    I went to the "Send message." Area and went to my moms number.
    Yo, mom Im staying at Vans house k?
    "Ok, whos car we taking??" Eric asked.
    "Lets take mine." Van said as he reached for his keys.
    "Ok Ill drive my car home." Eric said.
    "Damn, I feel so left out not having a car." i pouted as I went over to Vans big black Escalade.
    "Im sorry, Iris, one day you'll have a car." Van said as he patted me on my back.
    "Sure, Sure."
    I hoped into the passenger seat of Vans car and checked my phone.
    My mom had texted back.
    Ok. Do you still have clothes at Vans house?
    "Hey Van, I still have clothes at your house right?" I asked.
    "Only half of your wardrobe dear." He chuckled.
    Ya. I do. Love you mom see you on sunday.
    I shoved my phone in my pocket and buckled my seat belt.
    At the stop sign we stopped right by Erics car.
    "Hey, Eric, meet me at my house kay?" Van yelled out his window to Eric.
    "Kay." I heard Eric respond.
    "So whats this party all about?" Van asked.
    I sank into the seat and sighed. "I dunno, Nate texted asking if we wanted to go."
    "No Nate texted asking if you wanted to go and the only way to get you to go is if we went." Van laughed.
    "Ugh, thats prolly it, but common, drinks, a skating park, a pool, snacks, and loud music. Why wouldnt we go?" I said as I tried to imagine the party.
    "True, True. So what is it? Casual wear or black on black, oh and some more black." We both laughed for a while.
    "So watcha goin to wear?" I asked as I tried to stiffle the laughs that still tried to escape.
    "Eh, probably this." He said.
    He wore a tight grey t-shirt and some baggy jeans that had some skulls inprinted into them. He wore his black lace up vans with duck tape because he didnt want to get rid of them.
    "What are you wearing?" He asked.
    "I really have no idea, ill find out when I get to your house. "
    We pulled up in front of his house and I hopped out. I ran up the steps and up to the screan door. I reached into my pocket for the key to unlock the door. I found the key and ran in to his house.
    "Your mom or dad home?" I asked,
    "Naw, they on a honey moon. Idk why but they are."
    "Hah well they need time away from your annoying a**." I said as I ran up the stairs into his room.
    I ran over to his closet and started looking for my clothes. I grabbed a black shirt with the phrase "The bunnies watch me." with a sketchy looking pic of a bunny from "Bunnys from outerspace: 4."
    I heard Van come in and plop down on his bed. I took off my snoopy shirt and put on the Bunny one.
    "Woo hoo take it off!!" I heard Van cheer.
    I rolled my eyes and went digging through my stuff again. I found my pair of skinny jeans with black paint splatters all over them. I un-buckledmy belt and dropped my pants. I slid my legs through the new pants and buttoned them. I grabbed a green and black tu-tu and slid it over my pants. Then I grabbed a little clip bow with a skull in the middle and put it on the top of my blond and black steaked hair.
    "Hey van throw me one of those green converses." I said as I started pulling on a black one. After my other shoe was on I sat at Van mirror and aplied some eye liner, mascara, and some eye shadow. I put some shimmering sparkly stuff on my eye too.
    "Ok, im all ready to go." I said hoping up.
    "I think Erics here now too." Van said getting up from his bed. We ran down stairs, and out into the front yard. We all hoped into Vans car and drove off to the lone mansion out in the vine yards. We arrived at the house, and saw all the bright lights and thumping music.
    "******** ya." I heard Van whisper.