• Come children, and listen to my tale. A tale of failures and epic prevails. What we see now is not the truth. Most of are ancestors gave up this right; however the force and bodies still fight.

    The Goddess was here, but not anymore. So she created the Hommes, to protect the shore. The Goddess knew that the water would drown, so she created the Oceans to be around. The Goddess finally went into the sky and flew. She then created the Clouds to protect and defend, she knew.

    Last but not least, she saw the beast that was beyond her reach pass the sky. She knew what the beast wanted, and feared for the object’s being. The Soul was in the Beast’s desire. The Goddess’s weakest, yet prized possession. The Soul could change, unlike the Hommes and there flowers and rocks. It was deeper then any of the Oceans and its waters. And it could dream higher then the Clouds and their sky. However the Soul was a defenseless being and this caused the Goddess the worry. The Three groups swore there devotion to the Goddess and the soul, however the Goddess did not want to put anyone else in danger, so she kept the soul closer and sent everyone back to work.

    The beast hungered for the soul. It wanted it. Its scent was very luring. And in the beast’s absolute obsession, the beast’s form went into a separation. Causing millions of pieces to scatter and splatter across the area the Goddess could not reach. Relived by the division of the beast’s power, the Goddess allowed the Soul to freely roam the waters, the grounds, and the skies freely. In the water he was the happiest. He changed his form to the droplets that surrounded him. When he was on the ground, he merged with the rocks, fluttered with the flowers and plants, and imagined all new creatures to change into. When he was in the sky he changed into Cirrus. White, weightless matter that aimless wandered all day.

    Even with the Beast separated, the soul permeated the thoughts of the Beast, and all its parts. They all craved the soul and all moved closer to the Goddess and her domain. The Goddess acted with haste. Adding layers to the sky, she instructed the Clouds to watch for the Beast and its parts activity. Calling the Soul to her side, the Goddess still let it roam, but with in her vision was it only allowed.

    The Beast could not take its cravings’ agony any longer. His inner core itself became hotter, and hotter, and he became the first of his kind. The Beast became a Star. Each of the Beast parts followed its leaders lead, and the area the Goddess could not reach became a mosaic of menacing light. The Soul, young and naïve, was attracted to the lights, but the Goddess knew better.

    The Star, though changed in appearance, had the Soul still in mind. In his rebirth, the Star obtained new methods in getting closer to his goal. Emitting energy from its core, the Star lured the Soul to it. However, the Goddess protected the soul by binding its form of being to her domain. Still, the allure was too strong, and the Soul’s will was too much, so the Goddess created the right of ground, and gave it to the Hommes. This allowed for the position of the Goddess’s domain to be at a stable length from the Star.
    The Star did not give up though. Is his form, he was extremely hot, and he could cast this heat onto the Goddess’s Domain. Unable to take the heat, the Soul yearned to break free and go into the cooler area which the Goddess could not reach. This act was the catalysis for the Goddess to create the Right of the Oceans. With this, the Oceans controlled the wind and cooling of the Domain.

    The Star still prevailed in his quest. In his form, he was extremely bright and constantly casted his menacing light onto the Domain. Before the Goddess was able to control light, however, the Star’s light was much greater. The Soul, unable to sleep due to the constant light, fell into a state of ill being. This caused the Goddess to create her last and most powerful right. The Right of the Night. This Right allowed the Clouds themselves, control of an object that was sent out beyond the sky to protect the Domain. The Object was called the Moon. The Moon was granted the ability to absorbed the Star’s Light and use it to scare off the Star.

    The Star would never stop.

    Screaming a horrible cry that still resonates in the void beyond the Domain, the Star pointed towards the Domain and shot a minute portion of his energy to it. Hurtling through the Sky the Clouds had no chance to warn the Goddess. Landing on the ground, a group of Hommes did their best to stop the foreign being, but where meet by the awesome power of its creator’s power that was fused with it.

    The Soul was just yards away. The soul was in awe, shock, and utter fear. The Soul tried to run to the Goddess, but she was getting a message from the sky. The Soul turned back to the being. The being was covered with neon glowing designs, beautiful, mesmerizing, Fatal. The Soul screamed. The Goddess heard. The Being raised its claw. The Goddess came.

    The Goddess was too late….

    Effortlessly with the flick of her wrist, the Goddess destroyed the Being. Rushing to the Soul, the Goddess was met with a mix of sorrow, regret, responsibility, failure, and fear. The Soul was dyeing. The Clouds where confused, the Oceans where overwhelmed, and the Hommes where hesitant. The Soul, the Goddess’s most cherished creations was on its way to becoming no more.

    The Star had won.

    The Goddess would not let the Star win. The Soul had taught her that ambitions, dreams, and will could not be destroyed. Whispering something into the Soul’s ear, the Goddess let the soul fall, but before the Soul hit the ground, it scattered into a countless amount of portions. She then called the three groups to her audience. The Parts of the Soul would face constant attack from the Star, the Goddess knew. So she created a cycle to ensure the roaming nature of the Soul would be appeased but at the same time the parts would be protected.
    The Cycle was named the Hawk in honor of the Soul’s favorite creature form. The Souls would be in a natural state of one of the three states of water. Because that was the Soul’s favorite domain form. And a abundance of Souls would be in the sky, due to the fact that they had the Right of night. Though arguments and disagreements arouse, the plain was set in stone, water. And sky.

    However, the Goddess still worried. Feeling that the Soul would never be completely safe, the Goddess decided to due something drastic. Ascending into the void, she left the three groups to govern her domain, while she was area. Her mission was simple and direct. She was to stop the Star and it's minions, and defeat their effect.

    The three groups lived in harmony, but tensions still grew. War was coming; The Clouds, Hommes, and Ocean all knew.