Okay It's not like I ment to find it I was just looking through some stuff in the attic. Wait lets start from the beggining. It was Tuesday I finished my homework I did my room in the morning I was good so I decided to take a look upstairs. I hate attics I dont even know why I went up there in the first place, but when I got up there I couldent come down. It was amazing,boxes filed so high just wanting to be opened. One box in peticullar caught my notice it wasent really a box more of a chest and when I opened it another box smaller and it looked more like a jewlry box but it had a lock so i searched the chest and found a compartment with a small key so small I thought I missed it. I picked it up ready to find what could be in the little box. I put the key in the key hole and turned it the top popped open scarying me causing me to drop the box! I slowly picked it up again I was just about to open it the rest of the way when a car honked from out front, "Great moms' home!" I muttered sarcasticly. I shut the small box and puut it away then bounded down the flight of stairs taking two at a time, I almost hit buster our german shepard dog.
    When I got outside my 8 year old brother Jud came out with a box, "Eww what is that?" I said discusted. "What you dont like my pet snake?" He asked with mock humor to his words. "Mom you bought him a snake?" I asked my mother criticly she hates snakes as much as I do. "No i didnt buy him anything his friend George gave it to him and he did the face what could I say?" What could she say no one could resist the face it drived everyone crazy! After we unloaded the car and set the table for dinner I forgot all about that little box in the attic.
    The next day dad came home from his buisness trip. As soon as he walk in the door I rushed to give him a hug, but he he flinched. "Dad what happend?" I asked sterting to get concerned. He hated that he usally says, "My 14 year old daughter shouldn't be getting concerned for me I'm a big boy!" That always made me giggle, but he just looked at me and said "I was shot the bank got robbed the other day and i was in the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing bad just a little hole thats already been treated to." He said it like he didnt want to discuss it further but not mom never mom, she jump out of her chair and rushed to him asking a million questions. I knew he was getting annoyed I know because he makes these weird grunting sounds. My mom finaly got a clue to leave him alone for the night and sat back down. We finished dinner and headed to our rooms and as soon as I layed my head down I heard a belll like ring, I knew it was all in my head but still it sounded so clear yet so faint. I finally got to sleep dreaming of what could've been inside that small box.