• "You have to understand that we just simply cannot allow you to leave," Alberto stated. I narrowed my eyes at him. Peter was sitting in his huge chair his dark brown eyes devouring me, I shivered.

    "Well I can't very well stay here," I snapped angrily. "You cannot keep me here. I refuse to be kept here and locked up. I will not stay and you can't make me." I nearly fell over with relief when my voice didn't shake. Peter glared at me and I didn't meet his eyes. Instead staring intently at Alberto.

    "You are human, Erin. This is against out laws to allow you to go free now," he tried to explain. Alberto was a tall guy with Cherokee Indian skin. It hadn't paled even when he'd died and become a demon.

    "Half human," I corrected him. "My mother was and angel as you recall. This will start a war between demons and angels. Do you want that?" He ran a hand through his dark black hair. I reached up myself and pulled on one of my short blond curls. Karl, Alberto's second hand man poked his head into the room.

    "Oscar and Michelle are fighting we need your help out here," he said sounding a little more than distressed. Alberto blew out a breath and growled. He cussed and crossed the room at the same time. Then as soon as he reached the door he turned around.

    "Watch her, Peter," he ordered before slipping out. I closed my eyes squeezing them tight as I heard Peter stand up. He crossed the room and stood in front of me. When I opened my eyes I was staring straight at his muscular chest. It was covered by a thin white t-shirt.
    "Erin," he whispered. I shivered again at the sound of his voice. I looked up into his eyes and they glittered. He leaned his head down and I knew I should've backed up but I couldn't move. His lips brushed over mine for a breif second and then he pulled away. I nearly groaned in anger and pulled him back. "Go." I managed to step back and look at him straight in the face.

    "Peter... I-" he kissed me again. Harder this time. His lips slammed on mine his teeth bumping and biting gently.

    "I love you, Erin. Now, do as I say and go. I'll see you soon, I promise," he gasped as we pulled apart. I dragged myself away from him and looked back once as I opened the door and then ran.